Culturally (societally), we have many sayings, all for the same core emotion.  This morning, there were numerous scenes presented to me; they pulsed around this same singular feeling.  Everything I was shown had one very solid sense.

             When we strive to live “choosing love” at as many crossroads as possible, it can be challenging.  We can’t honestly be expected to go all soft and kind in, say, traffic or lining up at the post office, can we?  Yes.  We can.  And yes, we should.

             Here is our focus.  One that we all have access to.  And yet, one we don’t always pay enough attention to.


             The concept of Acceptance is about letting go of that constant battle, that drive, that push-to-the-front mentality.  Do we need to stand aside for crimes or let everyone pass so that we get no where?  Absolutely not.

             However, we do need to be aware of our thoughts as we just move along in the day.  Are we being kind?  Are we seeing Grace?  Are we releasing that which no longer serves?  Are we leading with our open heart?

             One of the views which beautifully illustrates this is ……….

heart shaped hands.
heart shaped hands.

             If we hold this thought, this feeling, this shape, in our minds, we can accomplish so much and in such a gentle, efficient way.  All while presenting an open-hearted example.

             Returning to our regular rotation around the card altar, a messenger has appeared who gives us some decisive assistance.


“Cheetah  ~  

‘A decision once made will be followed by unwavering action.’

Cheetah stalks silently with cat wisdom but pursues her quarry, fleet Gazelle, with the power of sight-hound magic.  What other creature partakes of two natures?

Look within to discover a plurality of talents and ways of being, for Cheetah is offering you the chance to be exceptional, too.

If Cheetah, fastest living mammal, has run into your cards now, this is not a time for hesitation: decision followed by unwavering action is now essential.

Like Cheetah, grasp what life has to offer.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Messages – Seek Inspiration From Your Animal Guides by Susie Green

Today’s Sharing, plus one:

is that we will be updating the face of this site, probably on Sunday.

             And, HERE is a pretty cool spot I ran across/was guided to earlier this afternoon.  I’ll be exploring it more.

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