My mother and I had a conversation the other day.  She wants me to cross-stitch a few things.  This usually happens around the time holiday catalogs begin appearing in her mailbox.  She decides that I could make that* much better (“and a poor-sad-overworked child in China won’t have to”).

*Whatever that may be this particular season.

             Some ideas transfer more effectively than others.  I do my best to come up with a suitable substitute.  But it always takes far longer than I think it might.  Her reply, invariably, will be, “oh Honey!  The time doesn’t make one damn bit of difference.”

             Of the many traits she’s totally got a handle on, this is definitely one that I  hope I’ll inherit.  She is not only gracious, but oddly patient about certain things.

             What I woke up with today defines this characteristic perfectly.


             Mom and I have complete, unwavering faith.  Most of the time.  We try to never fall back into doubt or fear.  We continue to trudge along.  We know that this path is leading us right where we need to be going.  More often than not, we know.

             How long the journey is?  Well, in the end, it “doesn’t make one damn bit of difference.”

             As we return to our regular rotation around the card altar, we’re validated in a most exquisite way.  For this, and so much more, I am immensely grateful.


“Swan  ~  Eala  (pronounced as Ellah)  ~

Soul, Love, Beauty

The card depicts a scene from the Irish tale of the Dream of Oenghus.  In the foreground is the lake where a beautiful girl, Caer Ibormeith (Yewberry), changes into a swan every other year at the time of Samhuinn.  To win her, Oenghus, the god of love, becomes a swan, and they both fly to his house, Brugh na Boinne – now known as Newgrange and pictured on the horizon.  As with many swans that appear in old tales, there is a gold chain around Yewberry’s neck.

Eala brings the qualities of soul – of love and depth, grace and beauty.  Being associated with the Druid festival time of Samhuinn, the swan is also a bird of the threshold, and represents that part of us which can travel into the Otherworld.

Drawing this card may indicate that you will receive inspiration from the Otherworld, or that love is entering into your life.  It is auspicious to draw this card if you are preparing to write a song or poem . . . . . “

            It is also timely, decidedly timely.

Today’s Deck:

The Druid Animal Oracle – Working With The Sacred Animals Of The Druid Tradition by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, illustrated by Bill Worthington

Today’s Sharing:

is this Instagram view from after dinner.  Well done, Ta Ra Rin!

The teeny wee lid nearly made me cry.
The teeny wee lid nearly made me cry.

             A baked custard dessert inside that tiny miniature pumpkin!

2 thoughts on “To Tenaciously Persevere

  1. I do like your Mom’s perspective on a lot of things. The cards to the rent check people, the “so some poor person in China doesn’t have to” and so many others.

    And in the end, the journey takes as long as it takes, and we get to where we go by then.

    How cool was that custard?!?!?

    I continue to be impressed with the culinary creativity and professionalism in this ridiculous little town.

    10:10 p.m.

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