There are people who strive to live simply, and those who strive to simply live.  This morning I was reminded of this fact.  And the views were not pretty.

            While some folks complain about the difficulties they’re having with their ice maker, others struggle to even get access to any sort of clean water at all.


             While it’s not really fair to pit one extreme against another, the true injustice is that the massive gap even exists.

            Today our message is not about luxury or poverty, guilt or shame, nor is it even about want or dissatisfaction.  It is all about knowledge.  About how being of a mindset which promotes generosity is our best solution.

            We needn’t engage in the emotions of fear or anger, merely, we can know that our choices ripple out.  We can make a difference to the good, or we can be part of the problem.  It’s always up to us which way we go.

             And speaking of a designated direction, our daily draw reminds us of one way to stay on track.  In this case, I’m of a slightly different opinion than the authour.  Neither is all right or all wrong, just as during any point in our lives, it has to do with the individual decisions we make and the paths we walk.


“Discipline  ~  33  ~  Master Teacher

Dedication, Training, Work, Skills

Whatever you desire in life can be created, but only if you are willing to do the necessary work.  That means no shortcuts, no bypasses, and no free lunches.

The only path to success is discipline and consistency.  Fortunately, your Master Teacher is present, helping you develop a heartfelt and mature work ethic by getting organized and becoming practical in your approach to achieving your goals.

             Examine your heart and be willing to do what it tells you – whatever it takes to reach your aims.  If you don’t know what you must do, then learn.  Seek out the help of mentors and guides who specialize in your field of interest.

Study and learn with an open heart and mind, and set your standards high.  You Master Teacher reminds you:

Mastery in any area only comes from demanding nothing less than the best of yourself.”

Today’s Deck:

Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette

Today’s Sharing:

tells it from yet another point of view.  Go HERE to watch.

             (I tried to embed the clip but it kept giving me the entire playlist, so this has to do.  It’s not long, we’ll wait.)

             That’s my girl.  Up on a stage.  Talking her truth.  And, apparently, the truth of a vast majority.

             (To say that we are proud of our kids would be an understatement of the largest magnitude.)

3 thoughts on “Fundamentally

  1. Loved the video! Understandibly proud Mama here. I have heard (not invented, and co-opted) “Fake it ’til you make it”. I told my recruits that all the time; just pretend like you know what you’re doing, have confidence in your training and abilities and yourself. I really think that is all any of us do. But I should get a duster…

    Another co-opted phrase: First world problem. Roof overhead, check. Clean water, check. Know where my next meals are coming from, check. Safe in my neighborhood, check. My problem? Bothersome, but not important. (the flat tire on the bicycle stories continue) or, my laptop is having some issues that make some things difficult to do, or my truck is old and leaking oil. Very first world problems, here. Keeping my perspective.

    Yep, that perspective!

    9:22 p.m.

  2. OMG she looks like you! thanks for the reminder about how small my problems are.

    Our genetics are frighteningly strong.

    9:24 p.m.

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