It seems as though we’re running with a theme right now.   This morning I was made aware of more suggestions surrounding this central “simplify” concept that we are urged to keep addressing.

             And when this happens, I find it endlessly fascinating.  Basically we draw to us what we desire, or what we’re focusing on the most/the strongest; sometimes in the diction that would be best for us at this particular moment.  (It’s the processing of the Law of Attraction.)

             Here’s what’s recommended for today:

Turning away from negativity.

             When we take action, forcibly by will (as we just recently discussed), we are changing and altering energy.  We are advancing our adventure.  Is it best that these movements and actions be for our highest good?  Absolutely!

            Do we always go that route?  Not even a little bit.  And definitely, not every time, no.  But, we do try!  And that totally counts.  (Extra points for effort!)

             When we stand tall, putting our back to the petty and the material, we are making a statement.  Because, at the same time, we’re facing the positive and the spiritual.  We are positioning ourselves for healing.

             And within the regular rotation around our card altar, we have this simple but impeccably timed validation.


“Nature  ~

Take a walk.

Let the beauty of nature feed your soul.”

             Sure, we joke, but in truth, merely stepping outside can clear our head like nothing else.  Take a deep breath while standing in garden or forest (or backyard, or park, or patio, or next to indoor plants), and be.

             Be still.  Be in the moment.  Be walking.  Be recharged.  Be genuine.  Be positive.  Simply, be.

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Sharing:

is from my mother (again), but also from my faraway daughter.  Go read THIS.  Hanny wrote it three years ago, but after we all got a glimpse of my mom yesterday, let’s just notice how really amazing it is that she continues to think of others and whether they’re having a good day or not.

             (And, the article includes a cute picture.)

3 thoughts on “Actively Deflecting

  1. I re-read Hanna’s feature yesterday after your beloved posted a link on the book of faces. Very good writing, and the spirit of both women shines through the story.

    I also am enjoying where the cards and messages are taking us. Good things to think about and work towards. I have been doing some of that lately, and the cards are reaffirming.

    We have also been researching Earthing, or grounding to the earth. Very interesting stuff.

    VERY interesting!

    I found this. Well, I’ve got the bottom-of-my-feet connection already down!

    2:12 a.m.

  2. I’ll be outside today picking up leaves. I used to do this every year but got away from it. I get leaves to Modpodge before they dry up so when they do dry and curl they won’t break and I can put them on a table centerpiece without my cats eating them and then throwing them up all over the house. I have no idea why they eat dead leaves when they’re just going to puke them up. My crabs eat them with relish, though. Anyway, I also press dry them for November decorating. We used to make pumpkin place mats with construction paper and pressed leaves that we modpodged. That will be my outside time today.

    Yay for our Nature time!

    2:13 a.m.

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