I was directed to finish several books and one yard project today.  I got through most of it, and felt oh-so successful.

             Our message needed to arrive via the printed page, and through me as I spent time outside.  Starting with the idea of circular believing.

The Shape Of Time

             And continues with the concept that the rules of how we now measure a length of events doesn’t actually exist, because linear time is a construct of our rational mind.  The endless loop of all being, is NOT something we thought up or even invented.

             Use seasons as an example.  They repeat, cycling over and over.  Beginning anew each “year.”  That “year” is simply a man-made hashmark at a random spot on the continuously moving symbol of infinity.

             When we accept that we have limitless chances and opportunities, because there is limitless “time” to do everything we need and feel worthy, then we no longer struggle with the constraints of stress or getting it all done NOW!

             This lesson in letting go of the control is another way of releasing our tension and stepping gently into mindfulness.  The NOW! can be an enjoyed and healing moment, not some spot way-far away that we are continually trying to reach.

             Our confirming daily draw brings this even more into focus with the reminder of our spiritual movement forward, up, and around.


“Compass  ~  50

‘As long as you orient your Compass to True North – the direction of your higher power – you will never be lost.’

You are entering into uncharted territories right now and can expect wonderful new experiences.  To stay on the highest path of your destiny, you’ll need to keep your compass pointed to True North.

Only Spirit, or a higher power, can serve this function.  Money, property, prestige, romance, and other material achievements can’t help you find your true path.  They are simply things you may experience along the journey.

Know that the Source Of All is working in your life, so even if you feel lost temporarily, it will be easy to find your way.

Have faith and trust, for your compass, with all the help in the Universe as True North, will ensure that you’ll never be lost – even on a starless night when all seems dark.”

Today’s Resources:

The Enchanted Map – Finding The Magic And The Meaning In The Story Of Your Life book, and The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards both by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s Sharing:

is this view of what else I was reading.

2014-09-30 16.11.14

             There’s just something about her writing.  Obviously Harry Potter was a not a fluke.  That woman can turn a tale like no one else.  I will now be looking forward to the next one, because, it appears, there will be more.

2 thoughts on “Headings

  1. The shape of time… Now that is an interesting concept, affirming that it is multi-dimensional and not linear. And a compass! I love compasses! What a great way to define true north.

    We need to have a compass conversation. They confuse me. But then, so does the science of magnets.

    11:16 p.m.

  2. “The NOW! can be an enjoyed and healing moment, not some spot way-far away that we are continually trying to reach.” That’s the hard part. To stop saying, “Well, when I get that done.” or “After we get to “here” we can…” ‘Cause it never stops. There is -always- something. Once upon a time….I used to be good at ‘in the moment’. I seemed to have lost it somewhere. 🙂

    I do love the artwork on those cards!

    I love these illustrations, too.

    11:17 p.m.

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