At first glance, today’s message almost feels like an episode of Sesame Street.  Super simple.  But really, also super important.  (I guess that is like Sesame Street.)

             As we stare, face-first into this upcoming retrograde trifecta, we are being reminded how beneficial it is to work with, not against.

             It’s now time for us to be …..

wearing our co-operative mind.

             In fact, I’m not the only one hearing this call. Sarah says that the month of October is all about Patient Compassion, and Compassionate Patience.

             When we are open and accepting, the struggle and difficulty drops away.  The ease in which we learn our lessons increases and our overall health is improved.

             Mentally, when we focus on that concept of lovingkindness, our entire being is uplifted.  This heals physically and psychically.

             And on our card altar, we’re, again, hearing the same story.


“Deprivation   ~  34  ~  Prosperity Guides

Withholding, Paranoia, Stinginess, Frugality

Whether because of a sudden change of circumstance or long-held patterns of lack, you may find yourself feeling overly concerned about your finances and security right now.  You might be worrying that there won’t be enough to meet your needs, so you are trying to conserve every penny.

Your fears may even cause you to unconsciously seek others to reassure you or guarantee your needs in some way.  The trouble with allowing these fears to take over is that your insecurity will be felt by others and they will step back, fearful of being ‘used’ for your security, creating a cycle of even more deprivation.  This circle of fear and lack dries up the ‘well of prosperity’ even further.

Happily, your Prosperity Guides are here to help you reverse this vibration.  They inform you that hoarding or withholding in any way goes against the Divine flow of the Universe, and it’s the opposite of what’s called for to create prosperity.

The Universal laws of prosperity state that we receive what we give: the Universe does not lack; lack only exists in our minds.  The true source of poverty is an indication that we’ve disconnected from our Divine Source, which causes low self-esteem.  This is the true source of lack in any area of life, whether it’s money, comfort, security, or even love.

To get back into the flow of things, your Prosperity Guides urge you to reconnect to the Source by being generous in all ways.  Any stingy tendencies, even with yourself, only keep you cut off from Divine supply.  

Reclaim your self-esteem by recognizing that you are a trust-fund baby of the Universe – your needs will be met easily if you open your heart to receiving the Universe’s gifts.  Connect to this flow by sharing what you can: a smile, a compliment, your assistance, your time.

Your Prosperity Guides’ message:

Tap in to the abundance of the Universe by sharing your heart.”

Today’s Deck:

Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette

Tonight’s Personal Note:

is just to say that I’ve been experiencing some rough patches* recently, that seem directly related to this planetary phenomenon.  On the plus side, my handling of them has been quite calm and accepting.  So, ya know, that’s good!

*Broken bike/minor life glitches.



One thought on “Get Along to Get Along

  1. Interesting. I have long held that if you come from scarcity, that is what you get. If you come from generosity, that is what you get. Very validating message and draw today.

    Glad to hear that the rough patches are being handled with calm acceptance. It is an easier way to travel through life.

    It really is easier.
    (My smiley faces aren’t working, but imagine I put one here.)

    11:49 p.m.

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