We’ve discussed differing viewpoints and perspective quite a bit, although not recently.  Today’s message has brought us back to it, but with a twist.

              Often we’ll have basic concepts and ideas in our heads.  (How we arrived there is as varied and individual as we are, but I must blame media and culture for the false ones.)  Regardless of these presumptions, where our path takes us is rarely in a direct line to any preconceived notions.

             And that can lead to disappointment and stress.

Expectation Frustration

               The view in our Mind’s Eye doesn’t match our actual life?  Well, the lesson here is that, it never will.  It may be better, worse, different, all of the above.

              Because Real Life, the true living of it can never be a movie, book, or idealized version.  Now, we can turn our experience INTO a fact-based tale.  But the telling won’t be our lives.

              Our lives, they’re simply our lives.  To be enjoyed, to be cried over, to try and improve, to grow within, to act upon.  To be in.

             And when we realize this fact, when we sit mindfully in a small quiet moment of our day, living our lives, walking our path, we can see the reality.  We can see where the gifts (and the obstacles) truly are.

             On our card altar, the daily draw has brought a helpful example of what to do when the “seeing” becomes a challenge.  Whether we go with a traditional interpretation, or if we substitute “father-like symbol” or even “paternal-societal-structure” won’t matter.  Feel the message.  It’s shown up for a reason.

              Release the expectations and allow acceptance to drape gently and helpfully over what we’ve been given.  Living life, that’s the goal.


 “Father Healing  ~

‘Your personal power increases as you give any father-related issues to Heaven.’

This card shows you that you still may have some father issues left to heal.  The healing doesn’t need to take a lot of time – it simply requires your wiliness to be free of any old anger, grief, or fear related to a male parent.

Universal energies are either male or female.  Male energy is expansive and giving.  Female energy is nurturing and receptive.  If we’re unhealed with respect to our father, the Universe seems to be ungenerous.  If we are unhealed toward our mother, we won’t accept the gifts the Universe offers us.

The more you focus on the spiritual truth of your father, the more your heart will be receptive to the Universe’s continuous and all-encompassing giving.

Accept your rightful bounty, and open your arms to your Divine inheritance.  


I now focus on the love that is the spiritual truth of my father, and I hereby balance any karma between us.  I now let go of everything but the love and the lessons of my relationship with my father.”

Today’s Deck:

Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Sharing:

is a serene view, from Instagram.  (Tell me if the link works, this time.)

Not how I thought my day would go.  But it worked.
Not how I thought my day would go. But it was okay.

              I dropped the expectations, and I viewed from another angle.  Turned out, this method works nicely.  (Once ya figure it out, that is.)

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    1. and the message. Lots of good stuff for me to think about here, which probably doesn’t surprise you at all.

      You, thinking, surprising?
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  1. Link worked just fine. And I love it: The recipe is on the back of a hot sheet. Now THAT is recycling!

    We use what’s available!

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  2. So, time to share the recipe. And, yes, the link worked just fine. That you wrote the recipe down on a hot sheet just set me off laughing. Thanks for the smile!

    Daily briefings, hot sheets, left-over subpoenas, they all make perfect printer paper.

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