Get out your tool belts and construction equipment, today’s message is all about the DIY.  There was only one word that I woke up to.  And it was as clear as an energy efficient, double-insulted window replacement.


             Since we’re not able to “move” from this location (body), we are being reminded that it’s up to us to get the upgrades going.  (Okay, we could move [check out], but that’s more like burning down the house and rebuilding anew.)

             We have a blueprint, and all of our permits, we just need to keep everything in working/functional/up-to-date order.

             Move around a bit, eat what we need, stay hydrated, seek joy, ask for help.  You know, all the regular things.  But right now, it’s super more-important-than-usual to be aware of them all.  And to do our best with what we’re given.

             In fact, on our card altar, I was encouraged to leave the regular rotation so that we wouldn’t miss any of the smallest signs which may be directly in front of us.


“Details, Details  ~  43  ~

‘The most powerful patterns are created with the tiniest details.  

Pay attention’

This is the time to be aware of the fine print in all areas of your life.  Look at the details and leave the broad strokes for another time.  

When this card appears in a reading, it’s a sign to finesse a project, make small but meaningful gestures, or add a personal touch to your correspondence.

Be aware that what you need to know lies in the details.  If you’re entering into an agreement of any kind, pay attention to them before, not after, when it’s too late.  Clarity and transparency are key.

You can gain great understanding by observing the minute body language, offhand remarks, and fleeting facial expressions that reveal the larger picture.”

             Additional note, we are entering The Shadow Phase tonight, Mercury is going retrograde in 7 days.  So, this draw was even more timely than usual.

Today’s Deck:

The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s Sharing:

is this view, from a recent meal out.

Not-alcoholic, and just plain pretty.

             The term “non-drinker” is a misnomer.  I DO drink, I just don’t ingest anything fermented or distilled.  A lovely cocktail like this (some sparkling water with citrus essence and a twist or two of lemons and limes), simple and refreshing, can absolutely make my entire day.

2 thoughts on “A real fixer-upper.

  1. I knew Mercury was lurking around here somewhere!

    And another details message. Can I get paranoid yet? 😀

    Ha, I wouldn’t recommend it. 😕

    9:18 p.m.

  2. That is a delightful looking beverage! I have been imbibing lately from citrus fizzy water, and garnishing with lime (when I am not chugging direct from the bottle.) Very tasty! There is no reason that alcohol should get all the pretties. Another favorite these days: POG and club soda, also garnished with lime.

    Time to get cracking on my DIY project over here, I guess. That hip isn’t going to stretch itself out…

    I loooove POG.
    So much.

    9:19 p.m.

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