There are large portions of this country where dishonesty is encouraged.  Not only is it entirely confusing (and infuriating to law enforcement), but it’s also just plain wrong.

            Allowing an entire culture to smother their voice is beyond sad.  There is no growth in that.  No evolution, no power at all.

             The message I woke up with today is direct and pointed.  Aiming dead-on, in to the face of that deceptive and hurtful mind-set.

Say it,

ask it.

            When we speak the truth and ask the honest questions, we open up a dialogue.  We free our voices and our minds and our souls.  To do otherwise is to stifle our progress and to dangerously stop our journey in its tracks.

             Call it in.  Report it.  Inquire why.  Never let the dishonestly gain any ground at all.  Do not accept a lie.

            On our card altar right now, we have another aspect to consider.  But with no less integrity or truth.


“Balance  ~  36  ~  Divine Teachers

Support, Codependency, Manipulation, Generosity

You are in the delicate process of learning how to properly balance the flow of give-and-take in your personal relationships, and it’s time to evaluate how you’re doing.

Are you giving too much, leaving you resentful and angry?  Or are you withholding when you could give more, leaving you feeling guilty?

 Your Divine Teachers can help you learn how to better align your relationships so that you neither give nor take too much as a means of controlling others.  They counsel you to be honest about your motivations when dealing with others; you know in your heart of hearts what drives your interest in them.

Do you give with a secret agenda of ‘you owe me?’  Do you create dependency in and control over others with your kindness?  Or do you withhold for fear that you might be taken advantage of, keeping people guessing about your motives and your intentions?  

Your Divine Teachers are on hand to help you answer these questions.  They lovingly assure you that relationships are the most difficult of all spiritual classrooms, and the lessons of proper give-and-take are the most difficult of skills to learn.

Have compassion for yourself as you seek balance with others.   Ask your Divine Teachers to help you become more aware of how you give and receive in all relationships, not just the romantic kind.  Their message to you:

There’s no difference between giving and receiving love.”

Today’s Deck:

Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette

Today’s Personal Update:

is to report that I’ll be having a grand-dog sleep-over next week.  Hanna & Co are on their way here.  She and Keith will be taking a pet-free vacation.  Prepare yourselves for photos like THIS (only not quite as technically proficient but much more current).

2 thoughts on “Speaking Up, Speaking Out

  1. great card with interesting questions. good timing. (of course). Sounds like Dan is dealing with bureaucratic bullshit, sending him positive thoughts for a good bullshit-handling skills. 🙂

    Thanks. But he’s not having to deal with anything new or unusual, just standard for the industry (and citizens).

    10:11 p.m.

  2. AAARGH on dishonesty. Hope things work out.

    Yay! for Grand Dog visits!

    The message was just for all of us in general, nothing here going on with that specifically.

    10:12 p.m.

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