On days when I’m doing much, or a lot is asked of me, or maybe I’ve just signed up for an event* that takes more out of me than I originally thought it would, I love having these inspirational pages right here on my walls.  How handy!

*Mentioned in Today’s Sharing below.

             This picture?  So great.  It has now become one of my all time favorite illustrations.  (Must now go in search of this artist. . . .  Oh look.  He lives in Seattle.  Because OF COURSE HE FUCKING DOES!)

Jaime Olaya

“Enjoy Harmonious Relationships  ~

You only experience difficulties in relationships when you fight the ultimate direction that they are headed.  Each one sails along a different course, much like a ship upon the sea.

Ultimately, it’s not about where you land at the end of the voyage; it’s about the interactions among the people involved along the way.  The most fruitful journeys occur when the crew members are heart-centered and honest with one another.

Harmonious relationships are founded on mutual honesty, in a setting where both parties feel safe to share their true feelings.  When you genuinely open up to one another, you then know that you’re loved for who you really are.

Arguments occur when either person feels afraid or unsafe and becomes defensive, either verbally or through actions.  We angels can help create a secure atmosphere by infusing love energy into both your hearts to aid you in selecting words that are kind and mutually respectful.  

Caring is the most powerful protective agent as you share your honest feelings with one another – this is how you bond and love.

Thought For The Month:

My relationships are harmonious and loving.  It is safe for me to be honest with myself and others.  All my interactions are infused with caring, and I feel closest to people when I let them know who I really am.”

Today’s Resource:

Messages From Your Angels 2014 Calendar by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Sharing:

is this view (which I also shared on Instagram) from my afternoon.

Pretty, huh?
Pretty, huh?

             When there is a health and wellness sort of event locally, the pool board members like us to be there.  Today it was a neighborhood picnic.  I was the volunteer helper du jour.

            Additionally, we discovered that there is now really good food, under new ownership, über close to The Burrow.  We’ll be investigating further.

2 thoughts on “In the name of Kinship

  1. We just had one of those community times. Met some new friends via a motorcycle forum ride, and got to spend some good social time combined with motorcycle riding…always a good combo.

    I think we should all go to the Old Pad sometime soon…

    …. we’ll be there tomorrow for Taco Tuesdays!
    (I don’t know what time yet. We also need to gather groceries.)

    9:22 p.m.

  2. Eeew, saw the article about the Amazon headwaters fight. What is wrong with people?

    Liked that calendar picture, too. And I’m grrrr…ing over earlier every year crap. Not only is everyone putting Christmas crap out already, but next year’s calendars as well. So much for October being calendar month! (yeah, I’m in a snitty mood today)

    I still don’t get the bulk of my calendars until December. But I did have a gift card this year…. some Sharing later in the week to explain.

    9:24 p.m.

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