It is a decidedly pleasant way to start my day, if the images for our message are kind and lovely, instead of terrible.  Positive is absolutely our theme for the day.  So, that’s nice.

             When I see views of what will make up the message, they can be any sort of scene, these were all literally glowing with joy and hope.

Individual Strength

             We all have our own talents and gifts, this is fact.  What is harder to pin down is HOW we apply them.  Many of us struggle with even identifying them!

            But that’s part of the journey, isn’t it?  And it can be much more simple than we think, or have been lead to believe.  Actually, it can be SO simple, we often don’t realize how close we are.

             First, we need to look at what makes us happy.  For me, it’s palm trees and tropical beaches.  Flamingos and old houses.  Salmon dinners and frosted cupcakes.  A view of Lady Luna and a peaceful Mother Earth.

             See?  Easy and simple.  Now, where do we GO with this information once we’ve jotted it down?  Also, not difficult.  Are we able to work in a field where we can (if “we” were all me) heal the earth or investigate the moon?  Restore and save old homes or clean up the beaches?  Rehabilitate birds or ensure a successful Chinook run?

             Narrowing down the options and playing to our strengths is the key.  And, not even a little bit coincidentally, our daily draw says the same thing.  Leaving our regular rotation right now, I was directed to this messenger.

            Combining what she says, and what I saw, we have a truly uplifting and inspiring reminder of how important this adventure is/can be.


“Bone Collector  ~  1

‘You are whole and have everything you need within.’

When the Bone Collector appears, she is asking you to look closely at your circumstances to see if you’re fully present or reacting out of past conditioning and unconscious expectations.

Whenever we are wounded, especially when we’re young, it’s as if something essential is stolen from us.  We adapt, and accept a particular version of the truth that then sets us up to behave a certain way in the future when faced with a situation that reminds us of the original event.  What we know about ourselves thus becomes influenced by a perception of limitation.

You may feel unworthy or without courage; you may see yourself as flawed or unlovable, or expect to be criticized.  No matter what your question, the Bone Collector reminds you that the truth is that you are a powerful being with limitless possibilities.  She has kept safe what was stolen from you in the wounding, and is here for you as you reclaim it now.

You have everything you believe you lack, and the Bone Collector is your inner resource.  Act as if you have what you need and you’ll find you have it after all.

Anything is possible.  With awareness, the wounds of the past need not define you.”

Today’s Deck:

The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s Sharing: 

is this view from yesterday evening.

Why yes, that IS a baguette.....
Why yes, that IS a baguette…..

             My stuffed to the gills panniers and storage rack.  I over-shopped.  Again.  On the plus side, I had shoes with me, so walking up all the steep parts was not too terrible on my usually-bare-feet.  (Up hill.  Both ways.)

3 thoughts on “Strong Suit

  1. I do love this new deck. And did you know they have panniers for the front tires? I saw a guy that had what looked like a rack over the front tires as well. He was loaded to the gills. I guess the bike companies over here are getting with the program and offering stuff that normally you would only see in Europe.

    Oh boy, have I seen ’em! Our bike path is lousy with those bastards. I can’t even fathom how damn difficult it would be to RIDE with them, though….

    10:05 p.m.

      1. We haven’t noticed anyone who uses them having problematic navigation issues. Even though, wouldn’t the weight distribution be entirely fucked?!

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