Before going to bed last night, I knew what our message would be.  And it wasn’t something I’d hear, but a tactile item we can all see.  (Sure, I see it more than anyone else, because it’s in my hallway, but still…)

             From our upstairs September page.

"I am always wiling to take the next step."
I am always wiling to take the next step.

“It is Empowering to forgive and let go.

Sometimes it’s easier to forgive others than to forgive ourselves.  We’re often hard on ourselves and demand perfection.  Any mistakes we make are severally punished.  It’s time to go beyond that old attitude.

Mistakes are the way we learn.  If we are perfect, there wouldn’t be anything to learn.  We wouldn’t need to be on the planet.  Being ‘perfect’ will not get anyone’s love and approval – it will only make you feel ‘wrong’ and not good enough.  Lighten up and stop treating yourself that way.

Forgive yourself.  Let it go.  Give yourself the space to be spontaneous and free.

Go outside to a beach or park and let yourself run.  Don’t jog.  Run wild and free – turn somersaults, skip along the street – laugh while you’re doing it!  So what if someone sees you?  This is for your freedom.”

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You Can Heal Your Life 2014 Calendar by Louise Hay

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is THIS WEBSITE.  There are several videos (HERE ALSO) to watch and listen to.  This young woman is phenomenally talented.  And I’m very much enjoying her work.  Clearly, by the press she’s getting, I’m not the only one.