Anyone who has ever met me (or really, even glanced my way for the briefest moment), and reads these posts regularly, knows very well how much of a rule-follower I am not.

             On the other hand, I’m oddly old-fashioned in some areas of my life.  Quilting is an excellent example.  The words “modern” and “new” instantly send me away.  “Antique” and “shabby?”  Yes, much better.

             Today’s message was at once surprising/not surprising, for these very reasons.  (I am nothing, if not confusing and eclectic.)

Traditionally Triumphant

Triumphantly Traditional

              Much like yesterday, our familial connections are most important right now.  The focus is quite close to home.  We’re being encouraged to stand Loud and Proud, being precisely who we are.  To wave that banner of individuality high, far, and wide.

              Because when we apply this unique us-ness to those standard values (actual caring-for-all-humanity values like love, trust, and integrity) then we are becoming Way Showers of the flashiest variety.  And that can’t be anything but good.

              On our card altar, we’re also being given a chance to put this in to action.  No matter what label you apply to Divine Source, today’s daily draw brings healing and lovingkindness into the equation.


“Gifts from (Mr and Mrs) God  ~

Archangel Sandalphon:

‘We angels bring you gifts from your Creator.  Open your arms to receive.’

Additional Message:

‘Heaven is expansive and ever-increasing.  One of the ways in which Heaven expands is through giving and sending love continuously.

This love is sent your way in many forms, and your only task is to be willing to receive.  Right now, the answers to your prayers await your willing receptivity.

Open your arms to these gifts!  Your Creator wills that you be happy, healthy, secure, and that all your needs will be provided.

Release any fears of receiving to me.’

Working with Archangel Sandalphon:

One of Sandalphon’s principal roles is to deliver and answer our prayers.  Sandalphon says that every prayer is heard and answered (although the answer may come in a different form than we expect).

All prayers are of equal importance in Heaven, and there are plenty of angels to help everyone on Earth.  Call upon Sandalphon when you need help in allowing yourself to receive.”

Today’s Deck:

Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Sharing:

is this view from our visit to Saturday Market earlier.

Because, birthday (week)! 

           (It’s a silk-screened, tank-back, t-shirt. Draped over my panniers, for display purposes.)

             We also came home with two jars of local honey and lunch.  It was hotter than the surface of the sun, so we took our time with the hills as we journeyed back to The Burrow.

One thought on “Established, also not.

  1. “The words “modern” and “new” instantly send me away. “Antique” and “shabby?” Yes, much better.” Yep, me, too.

    Your Saturday Market looks like fun and temptation all in one. LOVE the tee-shirt!

    Ours is one of the originals, and longest running in the country.
    Old hippies never die, they just move to Eugene.

    2:47 a.m.

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