There were several examples, this morning, of what we need to address.  They were images of clear and varied domestic scenes.

             One was filled with a diverse and beautifully mixed/blended family, obviously gathered for a celebratory event.  Another showed many generations, all in one place, some having traveled very far to get there.

             All the views that were shown to me told the same story, all held the same emotion.

Come together,

stand up.

             No matter the type of Tribe or Clan we belong to, it is important right now that we stay connected to each other.  With the current resources available, globally, there is no reason why we can’t make contact with our far-flung loved ones.  (Even those who now reside on the Other Side.)

             We are also being reminded of how important it is to walk our talk.  Because when we live a genuine life, being clear about what is no longer acceptable, what is required as a loving society, then, Truth is obvious.

             It’s a statement which then transforms into a Universal healing.  And THAT will be a benefit for us all.

             Back within our regular rotation now that I’m home, our card altar visitor has come to add one more layer to this message.  A way for us to make our statements and our contentedness more powerful.


“The Prison Waif  ~  31  ~  

self-sabotage, poverty consciousness

When the Prison Waif arrives in his realm as your Ally, he comes to remind you of the Law of Paradoxical Intent.  Your own self-sabotaging thoughts and hidden beliefs are, in fact, preventing you from your highest good.

You might believe that you are doing all you can to manifest your reality, but perhaps you’re giving in to thoughts such as the following:

  • I can’t do this.
  • I’m unworthy.
  • I’ll fail, so why try?
  • I don’t deserve this.
  • I’m unlovable.

The truth may be that you are locked in a prison of your own making.  That’s good news, because it means that you have the key to let yourself out.

This is a sign that you need to spend some time with yourself addressing those beliefs that counter your hard work to get ahead.  You can change them if you want to.   You don’t want to stay in prison, do you?

Take inventory of your thoughts, let yourself out of jail, spend a few minutes outdoors in gratitude.  It’s time to let the sunshine in.”

Today’s Deck:

Wisdom Of The Hidden Realm Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

FLP Report:

from the road.  Beginning with Kansas, BC (one passenger vehicle and two long-haul rigs), South Carolina, Minnesota (car and big truck), Georgia, Connecticut, Illinois, Iowa, and Quebec.

One thought on “One Voice

  1. I had a weekend where I was with both family and their tribe. We stayed with Karyn’s Aunt and Uncle (Ellen and Bill) with the purpose of supporting my Aunt Dottie (whose wife, my Aunt Liz, died unexpectedly two weeks ago).

    Dottie was surrounded by her “tribe”, 4 women she and Liz knew from various places who had come to stay with her. When we arrived, and visited, Dottie said that there was something different about “family”, and she had laughed for the first time since Liz died. What I do know is this: Liz was my Mom’s step sister (Liz’s Mom married Mom’s Dad), Liz married Dottie several times (commitment ceremony in 1990, marriages in every state where it became legal in the late 90’s/early 2000’s, San Francisco, domestic partnerships, and finally in Oct 2008 in California) and yet she is my Aunt Dot.

    Lots of food for thought about family and tribe…

    It was so important that you made this trip!

    12:24 a.m.

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