After a long time away, is there anything more comforting than driving that last mile or two towards our very own residence?  This was an incredibly fun trip.  Filled with a wonderful series of stops, packed full of family.

            And yet, that feeling, that sense of ease which begins to wash over us when we approach those final familiar turns before home comes in to view cannot be equaled.

             When I woke up this morning, that emotion was still with me from last night’s arrival.  But also, it was the attitude of it all that was given to me for our message.

In our element.

             If we do not have Sacred Space in which to recharge, in which to rest, in which to just be ourselves in our rattiest jammies, then we are doing our souls a disservice.  It needn’t be a mansion or a thousand acre ranch, although some would think that paradise.

             As long as we have SOME tiny quiet corner to call our own, then, we are able to relax.  And to relax, is to heal and to be whole.

oracle cards, god of indulgence,

“God of Indulgence  ~

‘It’s alright!  Stop beating yourself up;

A little indulgence, in balance, is healthy.’

It is wonderful to indulge in the things we love every once in a while; everything is fine in good measure, just don’t over do it.

Whether it is food, drink, or substances of any kind, relationships, or materials possessions, remember, excess of anything leads to some form of imbalance.  Yet at the same time, remember also that all is valid and all is love.

A little indulgence in some form or another is natural and even healthy, so don’t beat yourself up when you do indulge in those things you love, just be mindful.

Don’t deny yourself, just keep it in balance and when you do indulge try to do it in ways that nurture and nourish your spirit rather than cloud or suppress it.”

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddess Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Sharing:

is THIS MAP of where we went earlier.  No, I’m still not counting anything (numbers have no place in my life), but this feature is still entertaining.  (Their fly-over option alone is worth the click.)

2 thoughts on “Heart’s Routine

  1. Ah, home! And (mindful) indulgence! Welcome back from your travels, and welcome home.

    I read a piece on the book of faces the other day that discussed the importance of knowing where your people are. I found that it really resonated with me, and I suspect that it would with you also. Its basic premise was that there is a comfort and centeredness knowing where “your people” are, even if they aren’t “with” you in the same place at that moment.

    I like that, very very much. Thank you.

    11:17 p.m.

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