It’s not often that I’m rendered speechless.  I am practically never struck dumb.  Rare I tell you, über rare.  So, when something, a sign or message disables my words, it’s a big damn deal.

  SNOWY EGRETS!  Nine of them!  On a pond!

             Their symbolism is ancient, many stories going back to the Egyptian royalty.  In Chinese folklore, their key principle qualities are patience and purity, strength and long life.

             Receiving this gift twice, once coming and once going, has been more special than I can describe.  As I said, nearly speechless.

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“Heal the ‘Ouch’  ~  38  ~

‘Forgiveness is the healer of the soul.’

This is a time for great soothing of the heart, body, soul, and mind, as this card indicates that healing will be prevalent in your life now.  If you feel drawn to study the healing arts, you will be successful in developing your natural capacity to restore others to wellness.

However, the message may be that you’re being called to change your behaviors in order to heal the earth.  Perhaps you’ll switch to a cruelty-free diet, eating less meat; or perhaps you will pay more attention to how much water or electricity you use.  You are asked to be conscious of your footprint on this sacred planet and all of life and to commit to the healing path.

The Heal the Ouch card may also be an indicator of old wounds and broken bonds being mended.  Reconciliations are possible now.  Let bygones be bygones.”

Today’s Deck:

The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Traveling Notes:

are all about gratitude.  Of the Hi-Lo Cafe in Weed, California.  Where the employees were wonderful, the food was tasty, and the wi-fi almost worked.

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  1. I just love that card! And the message! I might have to swing a stop at Hi-Lo on our way south this weekend; we usually eat at Big Bear Diner in Mount Shasta…

    Of course you love this card!

    11:00 p.m.

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