One of the methods with which we can grow and advance, is to be a participating member of our community, family, tribe.  And the best part about this, is that we can all fashion our own way to suit our own individual journey.

Teaching and Learning

Giving and Sharing

             By asking the most important question, ‘how may I serve?’ we’re then truly listening for our answer, making us better able to step forward and elevate our path.

             I know, sometimes the Low Road is exactly where we need to be in order to get the grittiest work done.  But, that’s a place we can always hop down to, then jump back up off of.

             Here, thanks to our new addition, is an inspiring idea about how to keep us on track.

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“Devotion  ~  44  ~  Nature Spirits

Inspiration, Contemplation, Nature, Faith

The presence of (Mr and Mrs) God is (are) everywhere, so if you feel disconnected from the Divine,  you are the one who left.

Your Nature Spirits are beckoning you back to a place of awareness that reconnects you to your source.  Do not allow your mind to isolate you in fear or get stuck dwelling on misery.

Instead, go outside and take in the natural world – which is a beautiful gift for you to enjoy.  See the Divine all around you.  Focus on the beauty, power, and holiness that nature affirms.

Humbly surrender to this greatness of forces present in all things, including you.  Your Nature Spirits’ message:

breathe in the Divine.  You are Source, and Source is you.”

Today’s Deck:

Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette

Travel Notes:

will simply be the reporting of a phenomenal Nature Spirit sighting.  One delightful hummingbird showed up this afternoon, as a reminder.  And we are thankful.

             Also, we went to a ballgame HERE.  It was gorgeous.

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