Exactly at our half way point, the adventure is going supremely well.  I have complete faith that the rest of our trip will continue in this fabulous way.

             It’s been so awesome, in fact, that I’m easily receiving messages and ideas for sharing.  This morning I woke up with a reminder for us to continue our gratitude in:

gifts of Mother Nature.

             Ideal! Right where we were all sitting, at our festive event earlier, there were some gorgeous towering trees.  (See Instagram for a phone photo.)  Yep, I saw those signs.

             Today’s draw is also beautifully encouraging, as well.  And when we blend it with our suggestion from the Universe, it becomes a very powerful combination.  Entirely appropriate for this wedding weekend.

oracle cards, commitment messages

“Commitment  ~  36  ~

‘A true commitment is a responsibility of the heart, mind, body, and soul.  This is a good time to make one.’

Partnerships formed at this time are harmonious and powerful.  The Commitment card also indicates the natural evolution of a relationship from its inception to a literal or metaphysical marriage.

At the very least there is a promise of fulfillment in some form.  However, you must be conscious of what you’re committing to.  Be clear about the nature of your commitment and your responsibility to it.

Others are more willing to enter into partnerships at this time.  Remember that your partnership with Spirit – and the highest version of your own self – will engage the highest self in another.”

Today’s Deck:

The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Travel Notes:

are all about dogs this time.  Because, there are some everywhere we go.  And everywhere we are.

              From my Aunt Jenny, to her Pomeranian companion:

Ted.  You haven’t done something, have you?”  (He had, we thought, evidence being the foam bits of dog-toy guts we found on the floor.)

            About Tess, the Great Dane we’re staying with for several days,

she ate an entire box of biscuits.  But not the box!” when we were discussing past fried chicken and biscuit-with-gravy dinners.

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  1. Ooooo, dog buddies! And that ‘whole box of biscuits’ thing is why I had child proof thingys on my cupboard doors before I even had kids! 😀 And, oh, my, the link to Hay House worked today…

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