Before we left town, I knew that a new deck for our card altar was on its way to us.  So, I waited.

             Ta da!  THIS ONE has appeared.  And today’s Channeled Message did, too.

Personal Spiritual Support System

             We all have our Team, and right now is a perfect opportunity to say thanks.   By acknowledging and accepting this help, we are inspired and guided.

 oracle cards, inner child

 “Imagination / Inner Child  ~  7  ~

Nocturnal Dreams, Daydreaming, Reverence, Fantasy

Your Divine Inner-Child spirit is knocking at your door, inviting you to step away from a serious life filled with too much work and drudgery and allow yourself some well-deserved playtime.  YOur life is presently overcontrolled by others’ needs and much too burdened with responsibility.  Consequently, you’re losing touch with your inspiration and creativity.

Listen to your Inner Child.  Take time to daydream, fantasize, visualize, wonder, and explore.  Feed your Inner Child with art classes, theatre tickets, concerts, and other types of recreational activities.  If you don’t honor your Inner Child’s needs, she/he will get your attention by throwing one heck of a childish tantrum, manifesting in a chronic bad mood or a nasty depression.

You need this magic right now.  Your Inner Child’s message is:

Come play with me.”

Today’s Deck:

Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette

Travel Notes:

are not accompanied by a photo but you can use your imagination.  We spotted an amazingly gorgeous snowy egret.  Right next to the freeway.  Majestically and silently perched on a wall near someone’s neighborhood.

5 thoughts on “Road Report: the third posting

  1. Via the book of Faces, I saw a picture of your Beloved at one of the arrival destinations. Looks like the trip is treating you well.

    Thanks, Team!

    Lol, yeah. That’s a good one.

    11:56 a.m.

  2. My inner child would be much happier without a stomach bug. Is the card from your new deck? The link said the site had been shut down for security reasons, so I didn’t get a look see. Lucky you to see an egret.

    I just checked the link, it works fine. Maybe your computer doesn’t want you shopping at Hay House?

    “Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards


    11:57 a.m.

  3. So I was drawn here, I got the flying and the adoration… I didn’t get why the checkbook was holding me back’. over burdened by other’s need much.???
    Must think further on this.
    Thanks Julie

    Which you know.

    8:41 p.m.

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