I’m pretty sure, as a kid, and all of my growing up years, my family never took a vacation.  I know that as an adult, I certainly never have.  Road-trip traveled, packed like the potato famine immigrants we came from, in an unsafe vehicle to see family?  Oh, hell  yeah.

             Probably the closest we’ve ever come, us Pentacle People, was when we’d take the witchlings to the coast, or those few camping trips we made with family and friends.  But still, a true vacation, like I’ve read and heard about?  Nope.

             This journey is a funny combination, a kind of hybrid.  Still not quite a vacation, though it is similar to our wedding travels/honeymoon trip.  And, interestingly enough, our anniversary is today.

             Ooops, I guess a Special Occasion Draw would have been appropriate.   Oh well, after 32 years married (34 years together), we’re used to just being ourselves and taking what comes along.

             Here’s what I was directed to flip over for right now.  It’s a nicely authentic message, no matter where we apply it.

animal messages, oracle cards, seal symbology

“Seal  ~

‘Hard work and inspiration are the foundation of true creativity.’

Seal inhabits the watery depths from which spring imagination, intuition, the power of dreams, and the infinity of creation.  That Seal gives birth on land shows that these landscapes of your mind may be made material.

Do your dreams show desires not yet acknowledged?  Then the time is ripe to make them your own.

True creation and inspiration are also yours, but will remain discarnate without the hard work which alone can give them form.  Seal’s wisdom is arduous, but its rewards are immense.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Messages – Seek Intuition From Your Spirit Guides by Susie Green

Travel Notes:

will really be the Foreign License Plate Report.  Beginning with this view from before we actually left town.


             And moving on to Florida (2 of ’em), a super illegal Colorado, more than one Wisconsin, a new New mexico, an Indiana trailer and truck, a very interesting Missouri moving company trailer, and one lone Pennsylvania (who really just wanted to be in our way).

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  1. Happy Anniversary! That lone Pennsylvania in your way was a representative of mine to show you how much I wish I was there! 😀

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