To look at a person, with only their physicality as a gauge, is to be unfairly assessing.  Also, it will never tell the whole truth.  (Plus, ya know, we don’t judge.)

            Being “fit” is a misnomer.  It’s also not the only (or even best) way to measure wellness.  But really, DO we need to calculate when it comes to our physical selves, and the health of the bodies we’re wearing?

             No.  The answer to this question is a resounding negative.  And that’s what I saw and felt and heard this morning.

The Power Within

             There’s a current popular trend that, on the surface, seems like a good idea.  But like all fads, it has its flaws.  And it will eventually dim and seem dated.

            Any time money is involved, we all know the focus is not on our overall well-being.  In this case, it’s a matter of selling what can’t be bought: that of pseudo-fitness, that look, that unattainable faux appearance.

             Real (genuine!) power and strength comes from within, showing itself in the day-to-day events we sometimes don’t even notice.  Those heartfelt and true activities which often aren’t even acknowledged.

             We need to be noticing more INSIDE, than out.  And on our card altar right now, the daily draw brings a nicely validating and uplifting attitude to go inspiringly well with that message.

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“Angel of Self-Worth  ~

‘You are currently undervaluing yourself;

It is time to regain your self-worth.’

You are so much more than what you are portraying to the world and those around you.

The Angel of Self-Worth is here today to reflect unto you all the beauty, love, and light that you are and to help you regain your sense of self-worth.  Feel her healing light penetrate your aura this very moment and affirm to yourself:

I am a being of light and love.  I love and value the many wonderful qualities that I possess.  From this moment forward, I will honour and value myself, all that I am, and all that I do, in the knowledge that I am a vital part of the creation of the Universe.  I am worthy of love.’

Repeat this affirmation several times each day either out loud or in the silence of your heart.  Reflect upon each word and truly believe and own each one.  Express each word with all your heart and soul.

As  you begin to value yourself, you will find that others also start to value you.”

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Travel Notes:

will be the feature you find right here for a while, because we’re going to be on the road soon.  I’ll be trying very hard not to miss any daily draws or posts.

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