Remember when Dan said, “focus on what you DO have, not what you DON’T?”  Yeah, well.  That’s basically what I was shown this morning.  (And I do mean “morning” – today was our annual trip to the State Fair, so extry-early had to happen. [ Always such an adjustment!])

             The exact words that I heard were:

Appreciate and Acknowledge

             ……. with images of unfortunate events that I absolutely didn’t like to look at.  However, I got the point.  And now, I’m passing it along.

             As in yesterday’s reminder, when we bitch and complain and drag our feet, we just make the entire journey unpleasant for everyone.  Facts are facts, we can’t change any of it.

            Back within our regular rotation around the card altar right now, we are being aided by this awesomely majestic messenger.

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“Raven  ~  Bran  ~

healing, initiation, protection

The card shows a raven perched on the bare winter branches of a beech tree that grows beside an ancient mound.  This is the White Mount, in which is buried the head of Bran the Blessed, and on which in later times will be raised the Tower of London.

Bran offers initiation, protection, and the gift of prophecy.  What is meant by initiation in practice may be as formal as actually undergoing an initiation ceremony, or as informal as, for example, being initiated into the mysteries of a new post or profession.

It marks the death of one thing, which gives way to the birth of another.  

The power of the raven can also bring you the very deepest form of healing, which is achieved through a process know as ‘the resolution of the opposites‘ – giving you the possibility of resolving conflicts that have long lain buried in your unconscious or perhaps in your past.”

             In other words, much like our last suggestion from the Universe, we need to let go and make room for something better.  Death/Rebirth is such a beautiful, empowering, and complex metaphor (it’s one of my favorite pieces of imagery).

             Release, still our (my!) number one priority.  Apparently.

Today’s Deck:

The Druid Animal Oracle – Working With The Sacred Animals Of The Druid Tradition by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, illustrated by Bill Worthington

Today’s Sharing:

is this view from our (all day!) family outing.  (Minus one person.  Who I missed the entire time.)  This booth was in The Artisans’ Village, HERE is their website.  (And, oddly enough, HERE is where their Fair link leads.)

Shortbread hasn't been one of my go-to choices in the past.  But THIS was beyond wonderful.
Shortbread hasn’t been one of my go-to choices in the past. But THIS was beyond wonderful.  Totally wished we’d purchased more.

             We picked up a few other special items, and came home with tired feet.   But, as every year, I’m always so glad we make the effort.

5 thoughts on “Return of Graciousness

  1. I do love the State Fair, and have discovered that I really, really like shortbread. That stuff looks fantastic.

    Nice of Raven to come to call today. Good reminders, and I love the take on initiation…

    I need to google around and find out how difficult that recipe would be. Or ANY shortbread recipe…. I bet we’ve got everything in our kitchen right now.

    11:02 p.m.

  2. Yes, the raven. My neighbors husband passed away yesterday and I spent most of the day in contemplation on life and love, and giving thanks for what I have. There is no use complaining. I have life. So hard to imagine her without him, but she’s strong and we will all support her. Life is fleeting. Enjoy.

    Not only is this lifetime a fleeting glance in our soul’s entire journey, but it’s also much more fun when we pay attention and make the effort to stay aware and caring.

    Sending love to your neighbor, I’m so sorry for her loss. The mourning will be such a challenging process. I wish her well.

    11:03 p.m.

  3. This: It marks the death of one thing, which gives way to the birth of another. Good birthday messages! Even though you pulled it on the 24th, I saw it today, on my birthday. That counts, right?


    Best and beautiful wishes of the day, my friend.
    (Totally counts.)

    11:06 p.m.

  4. I couldn’t help but go a-googling about Bran the Blessed. He was evidently a giant who was also an English King. When he became mortally wounded in battle (long story) he had the seven surviving men cut off his head and take it back to England (from Ireland). They kept his head, which talked to them, for over 80 years before burying it facing France to protect the country from harm. King Arthur supposedly had it dug up, saying he was all that was needed to protect England. (And we know how well that didn’t work.) Ravens are also kept at the Tower of London. Yes, still today. They are a tourist attraction. Many different stories on why and how. But supposedly, if they quit keeping Ravens at the Tower, England will fall. (I’ve now used up a whole hour of my day on Google. *shakes head*)

    I never knew any of this! SO AWESOME!!!

    Thanks. Seriously, thank you for sharing your research and findings. Super cool.

    11:07 p.m.

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