In a shocking turn of events . . . . oh, wait.  Not really.  It seems as though the Universe has returned us to our most prominent recent theme.  No surprise there, at all.

             Around here, we keep a daily list.  Scribbled on the back of an old used envelope.  The contents  include our major events, locations, and items, broken down by time, day, and sometimes person.  All of this I gather from my assortment of calendars.

             Once the destination has been reached, the chore accomplished, the contact made, we cross it off.  That same (or a similar) system was the symbol for this morning’s message.

Checking it twice.

            While holiday tunes now ring in our heads, we’re being reminded that, even though it FEELS like we are being diligent, maybe look again.  One more time.  Just in case.

             While I’m not precisely sure WHY we’ve been getting so many reminders and suggestions like this lately, I do know that we receive the exact right message at the exact right time.  So, no questioning on my part.

             Acceptance and acknowledgment are true and sure ways to learn our lessons smoothly.  Scowling and bitching and complaining are what makes a path rocky, full of blockages, and just plain painful.  (Trust me.  THIS ONE?  I know really fucking well.)

             If we need to check our lists twice, and be aware of all small details, well, I’m on it.  I’ll work towards staying calm, seeking out silence, and allowing these signs to clearly mark the way.

             A perfect example is on our card altar, where my attention was directed, in regards to this daily draw.  Substitute the word “addiction” for whatever is blocking your path (I’m going with: negativity), and this bit of wisdom will fit pretty much every situation.

oracle cards, angel messages

“Angel of Addiction Healing  ~

‘This is a time of positive transformations and healing.’

You are protected and loved by (Mr and Mrs) God and the many angels that surround you right now.  They are here to help, support, and heal you.  They would like you to know that all can be healed through the light of love.

All you need to do is surrender any addiction (negativity) which you wish to release and which no longer serves you, to the Divine Source and the angels.

Invite them into your life and have faith in their ability to help you through this healing process as gently and lovingly as possible.

Trust!  This is a time of positive transformation and wondrous healing.

A suggested prayer:

Dear Gods and Goddess, Angels and Ascended Masters, Guides and Teachers,

Help me to overcome my addiction (negativity) in the most gentle and loving way possible.  Give me strength, resolve, and courage.

May your loving and healing light balance and heal me physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Help me to feel the love and light which exists at the centre of my being.  Help me to reconnect with my inner child who lovingly holds the purest essence of all that I truly am.

Thank you.”

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Sharing:

is this view of an item Empress picked up today from our Saturday Market.

Something she totally needed to have in her home.
Yep, that’s a magnet no refrigerator should be without.

             Plus, don’t forget to check  Instagram, we were at the park earlier.  With all the dogs.

4 thoughts on “Continued Awareness

  1. Good message for today. I think I will be checking my lists (something I have done recently and discovered some day/date errors for things I really don’t want to miss) and also let those angels work with me on balance and addressing negativity.

    Speaking of events we didn’t want to miss……
    headed out for your concert yesterday.

    Arrived on time.


    Wrong park.
    And wrong day?

    11:57 p.m.

    1. Island Park in Springfield. 4 pm on Saturday. Weird time and weird day for the concert, but it was supposed to be part of an arts festival that never got off the ground.

  2. “Scowling and bitching and complaining are what makes a path rocky, full of blockages, and just plain painful. (Trust me. THIS ONE? I know really fucking well.)” *sigh* Yeah, me too.

    There must be something “big” we’re missing for so many ‘be quiet, look small and release’ messages.

    As for HOLIDAY CRAP, I was out and about helping Spider Bait get ready for college and not only did they have fall decorations out, they had Halloween stuff out as well. And one store had a small Christmas section. To me this is just ridiculous. *shakes head*

    I browsed the wedding card selection the other day (ended up not buying one, though. They were all horrible). Saw the Halloween marker for where those cards were going, any second now.
    No bueno!

    11:58 p.m.

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