When we set off on this adventure of Life, we have lessons to learn, as well as, certain missions in mind.  Not necessarily a Bucket List, but absolutely items we want to get done.  (More like a To Do note.)

             Recently some friends* returned from traveling across the globe.  Their photos showed happiness, shared food and drink, grand vistas, and fabulous sight-seeing.

*Yes, @xenatuba, I’m using you as my example.

             Being mindful of our blessings while treasuring the very fact that we CAN do these things, that we CAN make progress and be successful (even in the smallest way), is where our focus is being drawn.

            THAT is what our……


             ….. should look like.  Love, fun, smiles.  There is no agenda, there is no pressure.  There is simply enjoyment.  Every day won’t be a vacation, but every task doesn’t need to be a punishment, either.

             And right now, our daily draw appears to validate this sentiment, playfully, but to the point.

The Fool  ~  0  ~ Major Arcana
The Fool  ~ 0 ~
Major Arcana

            This is not the first card we think of when “getting shit done” is the idea.  However, if we frame it within the concept of our message, in that, we are reminded to have fun in our work, and in fact, don’t make our fun time INTO work, it personifies the message in a delightful and light-hearted way.

             The carefree nature of The Fool is one of whimsy and joy.  Which is precisely what the Universe is trying to tell us we need to make a point of keeping in our minds.  That fun-loving attitude, applied to checking items off of our list, gives it all a very festive (and lovingkindness) kind of feeling.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Tonight’s Sharing:

is this not-terrific phone pic of the baby we had dinner with tonight.


            He’s just over 3 weeks now, and very entertaining.  Thanks, Mad and Jade and Em and Mr J.S.

2 thoughts on “Check Mark

  1. Thanks for the hat tip. That is exactly what our trip was like, mixing family, friends, music, scenery, new experiences, new vistas, and historical perspective into a lifetime experience. The other rewarding component to this was the deep appreciation for my home, my yard, my friends when I got back.

    Oh yes! The gratitude for HOME is totally part of this concept.

    10:13 p.m.

  2. You do remember that my mind tends to work in strange ways, right? Well, after reading this, “That fun-loving attitude, applied to checking items off of our list, gives it all a very festive (and lovingkindness) kind of feeling.” I started humming “Spoon Full of Sugar”. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLkp_Dx6VdI

    You were just humming along with me, while I sang that song as I typed (because you could hear me). 😛

    10:15 p.m.

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