As I’ve put in my time and studied my craft, I’ve learned quite a bit about the field of metaphysical practice.  And, in this past year of spontaneously channeled messages, I’ve amassed even more information.

             I am being directed to share some of these Universal Truths as our topic today.   Most of it can be found in, on, and around this site.  It appears to be past time for much of it to be gathered all in one place.

             In no particular order, here are some bits and pieces, all of which, I know to be true:

  • We have one soul, but many bodies.
  • We live many lives, parallel to one another.  (For instance, when a  significant event happens at, say, the age of 25, that energy will ripple through all the other lives during the same time period.)
  • We all have a Team.  Guides, guardians, teachers, loved ones, elementals, angels, etc…..
  • At some point, we sat down with members of our Team to plan this exact life we’re in right now.
  • There are a number of Exit Points throughout our lives, we may take them, or we may pass them by.
  • It is never our place to Judge, because when we leave these bodies, we WILL be held responsible for our actions.  All of them.
  • Angels are real, and they have never “belonged” to any religion or spiritual order, they are independent beings who work only for the highest good.
  • There is one dedicated being who is in charge of nothing else but our dreams.  (They have names, and yours may tell you what theirs is at some point.  All you need to do is ask.)
  • We all have one primary Guide.  We also have other guides who join us farther along the route.
  • There are no mistakes, only lessons.
  • Coincidence is a fictitious human-brain invention to explain the unexplainable nature of synchronicity.
  • There is no purpose to guilt or fear, other than to slow our progress down and teach us how to remove negativity from our journey.
  • We are never alone.
  • Where we are now is not real, but where we go when we leave these bodies is.
  • No matter what you call Mr and Mrs God, Divine Source exists.

Today’s Resources:

are a massive compilation of what I have gathered and remembered, from more places than I could possibly list, from more lifetimes than I could possibly enumerate.

Today’s View:

is this collage-y grouping that I put together, in lieu of an illustrated card.

A focus on the positive.
A focus on the positive.

             If anyone has questions about this post, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Additional, Last Minute, Fun:

is that I asked Dan (via this video message app we have on our phones) if he could think of anything that I might be leaving out.  Here’s his contribution,

all beliefs are valid, in the name of Tolerance.  One is not better than another.”  Good one, Honey, thanks!

One thought on “Fun Facts

  1. I have been pondering, some, about what appears to be mankind’s nature. Looking at the history in Germany and then Scotland, and how much of a clan’s belief in their particular flavor of God is the over-riding factor in who is good and who is not. It hurts my brain. Just like watching the situation in the Sandbox hurts my brain. So I don’t ponder much, just shake my head. I just wish folks could be nicer to other folks.

    I like what you’ve laid out above. It so fits with what “feels” right to me, although I hadn’t much considered parallel as much as linear. I also like the terms you’ve come to with angels, and Mr. and Mrs. God (my camp hosts). I know I’ve received guidance from my angels, although I believe one of them drinks heavily, and another has a permanent dent on his forehead from the leaning on his hand to cover his eyes…

    I know that one of my “formers” was a Celtic warrior. He shows up sometimes and isn’t quite sure what to do with my rather eclectic team. We saw a Pictish stone in north Scotland, and it really resonated with me, but not as strongly as I had anticipated. Mrs. Denial thinks that means we need to try Ireland…

    She’s right. You DO need to try Ireland!

    2:07 a.m.

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