Not only are we layered and complicated beings, but all that we do and where we go is also complicated as well.  These arduous depths and intricate challenges are what I saw this morning.

             The best way to keep order and travel our path smoothly, is to initiate and be aware of:

Good Management.

             It’s like working in a situation where the boss is nicely competent.  Everyone is happy in their positions, there are advancement opportunities, effortless scheduling, plus a heft holiday bonus.

             We are reminded that our own Journey has those same features.  We can  move up, we get time off, our co-workers are pleasant.  Or…. are we in a horrible place?  One of discomfort and no enjoyment?

             Well, the way this life plays out, we need to choose one or the other.  And yes, it absolutely is a choice.  It’s about how we “manage” our adventure.

             But remember, we never have to do any of it alone.  On our card altar right now, back within the regular rotation, we have a messenger who has arrived to help.

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“Raven  ~

‘Listen to your intuition to receive a message from the world of spirit.’

Black, glossy magician of the feathered world, intelligent denizen of windswept hills, lonely crags, and dark forest, Raven swoops on wings of four-foot span.

He calls to the wolves to tell them that a feast awaits, a deer, a bear; and he calls to you so that you may discover the enchanter within, and give form to the formless.

Listen carefully to his cry, for Raven brings you a message from the realm of spirit.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Messages – Seek Inspiration From Your Animal Guides by Susie Green

Today’s Personal Message Regarding The Loss of A Gentle and Brilliant Man:

is only to say that until today I never actually felt the need to say “Rest In Peace.”  It has become an overused and trite cliché.  And then, someone very troubled and very beautiful left us.

             Now I know what that phrase truly means.  And I genuinely send him Rest and Peace.  To the very core of my being, I know that he  has found it.  And I’m glad.  Even though, here, we will all miss him so damn much.

"Genie, you're free."
“Genie, you’re free.”

4 thoughts on “Regulation and Administration

  1. I was stunned, and I mean stunned, when I found out about Robin Williams. Just couldn’t believe it. He just didn’t seem the type to go out like this. Depression sucks. I, too, wish him peace and also his family. I can’t imagine what they must be going through. Peace to all.

    It’s just so sharp and painful……

    12:36 a.m.

  2. Finally back from vacation, it was really great. It will be next week before I get over jetlag and get all the laundry and unpacking done. Hope all is well with you, I will catch up. We watched Aladdin last night in memory of RW, so sad that he is gone. I wish we’d known he was struggling so hard, we could have maybe been more supportive and appreciative while he was still around to know it. Also, thanks for the message about never being alone. I’m always a bit blue when I get back from a trip and I was feeling it today.

    So glad that you’ve arrived home safely.

    12:37 a.m.

  3. Interesting. We watched “The Birdcage” and there were some non-comedic moments that seemed like foreshadowing. I guess he had reached his exit point, and like you, I wish him peace.

    1. There are so many movies that I may never be able to watch again…..
      or at least, for a WAY long time. This is a wound which will take a massive amount of healing.

      (Also, glad you, too, made it home safely.)

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