Our message today is from gathered sources.  What I heard, saw, felt, and later, what I came across in my day.

             There are a few parts to it, one being the idea from our daily draw (which I was made aware of no fewer than three times, not including when I flipped that card over).

            Another calls us back to an earlier reminder of how we need to reach out when we are struggling.  Not try to just shove our way through life unaided.

            The one clear word which made itself known was:


             So, as I see it, the suggestion is to decisively and without hesitation, ask for help and then rest.  Which, ya know, as a message, is pretty nice.

             (And, I adore this illustration.  Maybe this will be the next one that I need to get enlarged.  It’s such a pleasingly calm and serene image.)

angel messages, rest, sleep, guardian angel

“Sleep  ~  Guardian Angel

Take a look at the topic of sleep in answer to your question.  Most likely, this is a message for you to get more rest.  Cut unnecessary activities from your schedule and get a good night’s sleep.  

If emotional upsets are keeping you awake, give them to the Universe and to your angels.  You can easily do this by mentally picturing your angel holding a bucket.  Put any troubles into the bucket, and watch the angel take them away to Heaven, where everything is resolved.

Make sure that your sleeping space is conducive to a good night’s rest.  Your increasing sensitivity means that you need to avoid chemicals or allergens in your bedroom; and it also needs to be dark, quiet, and cool.  Fresh air can help you as well.

This is also a message to take more time for rest during the day.  You’re pushing yourself too hard.  Avoid or cut down on stimulants such as caffeine, sugar, nicotine, and chocolate. 

Take frequent meditation breaks – even two minutes of closing your eyes, taking deep breaths, and holding positive thoughts will help.”

             I can see more of what Doreen is going for here than I did the first few times I read this definition.  But still, I won’t be cutting out chocolate or sugar any time soon.  I no longer drink coffee, but that’s not to say a tea or a chai wouldn’t be welcome as a lovely treat.

            Also, it’s important (absolutely!) that we listen to this suggestion about the Quick Two Minutes.  Seriously, stepping away for a just that gentle recharge makes such a positive difference.

Today’s Deck:

Saint’s & Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Sharing: 

is this view of where I took a tiny rest earlier in the afternoon.

Just look at all of that delightful shade!
Just look at all of that delightful shade!

             I have my choice of two bus stops.  The one that was shared last time (and is viewed below), and this one.  The difference of distance is less than .o1 of a mile.  (Or something very math-y and small.)

             My son says it’s the route of a three sided box.  Imagine that we are leaving The Burrow, going right at the gate, right out the driveway and down past two addresses worth, right again down more hill for an entire long block, then right again for another half a block, then on your right, will be that small oasis featured above.

            And if we were to look up the hill, we’d be directly BELOW our house!  But with other people’s homes in the way.

             The other option is to head left up the hill from our driveway, for almost 2 blocks and then drop down to this.

See  how steep it is behind?  Yeah, the road is like that, too.
See how steep it is behind? Yeah, the road is like that, too.

             As I said, it’s really a matter of whether I want to march up/down a-bunch-all-at-once, or, more gradually.  Either one though, I have the option to sit and rest.  Win win.

5 thoughts on “Unquestionably and Blended

  1. So I went to bed at 9:45 because I’d stayed up too late the previous 2 nights (staying up too late means anything past 11 in this morning-person-dominated work cycle in which I currently reside), fell asleep just fine… and then woke up at 1:45, got up to pee, went back to bed, and tossed and turned and tossed and turned, and sleep just was not coming, so I grab my phone to check on the latest Julieland happenings… Seriously Universe?!? I’m fucking trying to sleep, dammit, I don’t need You telling me this!

    But I will try the angel bucket suggestion, and ask for help sleeping, and cross my fingers that I will be able to finally fall back asleep, else I’m not going to be a happy or productive worker tomorrow (well, you know, technically today).

    Have I talked about our designated Dream Angel/Dream Guide? I forget who I’ve told what……

    We all have one, a being who has one specific purpose, and that is to help us with our dreams. Get a hold of yours and ask for help falling and staying asleep.

    1:25 a.m.

  2. Yep, emotional upsets are running around here. And, like Corina, a serious lack of sleep. So a very timely card.

    I think your bus/transportation system is awesome. That they come out into your neighborhood is so cool (i.e. you’re not in the city packed wall-to-wall).

    I think most mass transit systems run like this. Don’t they?

    1:26 a.m.

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