One of the ways we practice Self-Care is to set positive intentions.  To seek out and find those timeless spots in our lives, in our journey, in our day-to-day.  This is also an exercise that I’m becoming more familiar with in my own (personal) work.

             What I was shown this morning is about how to aim this focus even more directly; pointing it back to . . . .

. . . . the smallest of details.

            It’s about the “little things” in life.  The minor success.  The quiet, still moments of mindfulness.  The anonymous gifts.

             When we get caught up in the “big picture,” we can lose sight of ourselves, and of our power.  That’s, as we were reminded yesterday, “unhealthful and unhelpful.”

             The suggestion for right now is to bring our attention in close.  Close to the heart, and close to the home.  See the little bits of joy which are all around.  See the blessings that we may be overlooking.

             As our daily draw explains, we’ll need that assurance for what seems to be on the horizon.

oracle cards, sad embrace

“Sad Embrace  ~  45  ~

‘Loss is a part of life.  

Let go and allow time to heal you.’


You may be entering into a period where loss is the theme.  Perhaps you’re having to let go of a long-cherished dream.  If so, take heart, for this ending may have been for your highest good.  A better and more powerful dream will be realized in your life if you can accept the loss.

Relationships based on faulty foundations are meant to end at this time.  Disappointment is a form of perception.  If your expectations were not met, a sense of loss arises, along with sadness and grief.

Express these emotions.  Tears are like healing rain that can restore life to a parched inner landscape.  Growth is always assured.

Whatever the loss – however great it is – let go, and experience your feelings so that you may soon see what beauty lies ahead.”

             We haven’t had many Contrary flips with this stack.  Today’s came up Direct, but as I was sitting here, it was made clear to me that we needed to see both definitions.


Are you suffering over your suffering?  Do you feel that life is treating you unfairly and that you’ve been robbed or deprived of what you’re entitled to?  Do you long for a love that eludes you, or success that has been bestowed upon others?  Righteous anger and a sense of entitlement lead to a trap of ego.

Your suffering and loss will pass if you let them go.  If you hold on to your perception of unfairness, then you’ll find yourself in its tight grip, unable to breathe freely.  

The only solution is to drop your victim stance and embrace the sadness so that it may dissipate naturally in time.

Trials and tribulations build character, which is its own gift.  Find something to be grateful for, and take responsibility for your part in all matters.  However painful it may be to sit with your sadness, remember that you are loved and will not be left adrift forever.

Have faith, for this, too, shall pass.  You are not a victim, only a traveler on a hero’s journey.  It’s okay to be disappointed for now, but know that someday you’ll look back and see great value in this experience.”

Today’s Deck:

The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s Sharing:

is THIS insightful post from my very own local herb folks.  The authour of this one has A SERIES on the topic, and I’m really looking forward to reading them all.

             (Also?  Must acknowledge just how amazing it was that I’d come across this link yesterday, and then we receive this card right now.  So they could appear together, perhaps?  And so they could accompany our Empress as she takes her beloved hospice dog off to the final Good-Bye?  I’m thinkin’ yes, it was one of those gifts we need to be watching out for.)

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  1. (((HUGS))) to Emma. The lovingkindness, compassion, and selflessness she embodies by taking in and caring for these dogs, when she knows she will have to say goodbye in such a short time, is amazing and touches my heart so deeply! A heartfelt thank you to Emma, on behalf of those who cannot speak it themselves.

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