There is a massive construction project downtown right now, a block up from my library.  It’s been going on for over a year, or even possibly two.  (These things take time.)  It’s tall and unattractive.

            An image similar to that (but slightly better looking) was the main view for me this morning.  (I tried not to argue with the Universe when I kept seeing it, really, I did.)  It was the theme of our message.  It’s bulk and huge scope were the general feeling.

             What I saw in my mind’s eye, was the structure.  What my physical eyes were drawn to, just as I stepped into the card altar room, was something I see every day.  But for now, I was being directed to bring my (our) focus here, intentionally and specifically.

Minoan Snake Goddess, left. My left arm, right.
Minoan Snake Goddess, left.
My left arm, right (for perspective).

            And to examine how this item is tied to our daily draw/channeled message.

She's been found in a variety of forms and made from several types of materials.  This replica is brass.
She’s been found in a variety of forms and made from several types of materials.  This replica is brass.

             She is a representation of Life.  Life in all the ways possible.  Life on high, Life brought low.  Life above and Life below.  Life from every angle and all . . . . . .


             When we reach and grow and spiral up, we are evolving towards our highest good, our next best step, the very purpose of our journey.  So often though, to reach those farthest heights, we must begin from the deepest depths.

Judgement  ~  20 Represented as The Phoenix
Judgement ~ 20
Represented as The Phoenix

             See how her arms are ALSO raised?  That’s our over all message.  Let go.   Accept the Joy that is all around us.  Stand tall, like that newly constructed building.

             No matter what anyone says, the suggestion is to be Alive and bold and complete in our adventure.  We are reminded to be ourselves.  Our truest and most authentic selves, regardless of the “directions” we are given or the “directions” we are going.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

FLP Report:

begins with this shot from the pool parking lot after tonight’s class.


            And continues with the four (!) Illinois, some Alaskas (more than usual), an Arizona style we were unfamiliar with, a “New Hope” kind from Montana, and a Montana “Big Sky” that we’d never seen before, one single Missouri, followed by one single Mississippi, two Michigans, and two Minnesotas.

2 thoughts on “Route Management

  1. A new girl started working with me this week, and I’m doing some of her training, so I actually get to give directions, for a change! And I get to direct her in how to do things in a way that will make my job easier, yay!

    The first thing I thought when I saw that truck is that it somehow got caught in a fishing net, lol! (Interesting scenario to formulate, that… although we did actually have a truck get swept out to sea here when they were filming a commercial of it driving on the beach and apparently neglected to check the tide tables!) When I enlarged the picture my next thought was how much gas they burned to get that thing all the way across the country, lol!

    That message couldn’t have BEEN more perfect for you!

    And yeah, I was up close and the netting still confused me……

    1:09 a.m.

  2. How strange. I haven’t been here in a while, due to travel. This morning I read a great article on being your best most authentic self, and then I came here. Must definitely be something in the air, or the water. ; )

    Glad you’re back!

    1:11 a.m.

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