Now that we’ve done our research (or, ya know, are aware that research is recommended), we are being advised to examine the minutiae.  The very finest of the fine.  To look closely.  No, to look closer than closely.

             The littlest of specifics will turn out to be the most important.  Discoveries and found treasures will be the biggest deal.

Small Details

             Like a puzzle, or precision-type game, this process of staying alert to the tiniest features will be our key.  Centering on the exacting points will make whatever is the up-coming situation much easier, and a smoother path to walk.

             Staying outside of our regular rotation around the card altar, we have another inspiring message, in a string of them.  I can’t express strongly enough how VERY much I enjoy this illustration.

oracle cards, talismans, messages of success

“Talisman  ~  49  ~  

‘A lesson truly learned is crystallized as earned wisdom.

You have all you need for the success you seek.’

Wisdom allows you to recognize traps on the road and familiar patterns you want to avoid.  It also enables you to quickly gather information about where you are on your journey.

It helps you recognize  your allies and know how to find the best routes along the way.  Now you’re at a place where you know the right things to do and the best choices to make.

You really can’t commit a mistake.  Whatever your inquiry, great fortune awaits you, for you have the wisdom to arrive at the right decision.

You’ve learned your lessons and earned the right to your success.”

Today’s Deck:

The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s Heart and Soul Sharing:

is simply to say that there is another layer of that card definition which is very personal for me right now.  Tomorrow (the 27th) will mark my beloved friend Karen’s second year gone from us.

             It was already hard for me this afternoon.  (As I documented on Instagram.)

             But, as the definition reminded us, I have the knowledge.  The knowledge I need now, to deal with grief, to deal with my losses.  I  know how to apply the lessons learned, and what to do before depression takes me so far off my path that I can’t find the way back.

              What will be in the post for that anniversary?  Will I be up to anything more than the daily draw?  Not a clue.  I guess we find out in 24 hours.

             On the plus side, we’ll be attending her daughter’s wedding in just under a month, so I’m very much looking forward to that joyous event.

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