Allow me to explain a bit of this channeling process, a routine that has developed over the past year.  (Stay with me, the reason will be clear soon.)

             I wake up and (mostly) understand what I’ve been shown or what feeling, emotion, is being transmitted.  I go upstairs to jot the message down as my notes.  I stand in front of the card altar and wait to hear which deck we are to draw from that day (whether we’ll be within the regular rotation, or outside of it, and if outside of it, which stack).

             Then I go about whatever needs to be done in my life that day.  At around 9 or so each evening, I sit down at my desk and type in the post.  (Keep this timeline in mind as you read along.)

             Today’s message is about being there for our loved ones.  And about how they are there for us.

Gather Together

             The sole image that I was shown, alone and perfectly crystal clear, was of hands.  First just two or three pairs, then, more began to appear.  All palms up, overlapping, all in a circle, all offering support and healing.

             All brought together as an outpouring of love and companionship.  Unconditional support.

             As we turn now to our daily draw, the message becomes complete.

oracle cards, togetherness messages

“Come Together  ~  4  ~

‘Love needs to be shared.’

Love needs to be expressed.  Drawing the Come Together card is a sign that you are on the path to discover the nature of this emotion in all its forms of expression – romantic, familial, unconditional, spiritual.

In each instance, there is another being involved.  Love involves a give-and-take between you and a significant other, a relative, a friend, an animal, and/or Spirit.

This card assures you that love has come calling and seeks a partner in its dance!  Know that you are cherished.  Like a magnet, you’re attracting love into your life.

This is the time for harmonious, caring partnerships.”

Today’s Deck:

The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s Sharing: 

is to let everyone know that my (late) sister’s daughter will be having a baby.  Any day now.  Her pre-labor activity have begun.  So, by tomorrow at this time, our family could have increased by one small boy.  Good luck, Madalynn, you can do this!

              (If you look back over the past few months, she’s been replying in some of the comment sections.  As “Mad Hat” because that’s what we called her when the kids were all actual kids.)

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