Since we know that there are no mistakes, merely lessons (and as Spider showed us recently, strands, some more productive than others), then how are we held accountable?  How do we know where the “accidents” fall and where the intent lies?

             Just as with everything else, the knowledge is within.  When we listen closely, look back at patterns, discuss with our Team, all of this begins to get very clear, as the shadows drop away.

             Our message from this morning was about that self-accountability.  That sense of being responsible.

Claim it.

             We’re being instructed to stand up and say, “yes, I did that.”  If it’s appropriate, we may apologize.  If not, we simply move on.  Having learned.

             Another part of claiming our own is about believing in our soul’s choices.  We’ve selected certain paths and options TO learn.  And to teach.

             Remember, we are all connected.  So when we take responsibility for who we are, and what we’ve done, we are setting good examples, as well as promoting healing.  And those actions spiral upwards.

             Stepping way from our regular rotation around the card altar today, I was directed to select from that stack we enjoy-but-don’t-always-want-to-look-at.  The draw has brought out validation and our gift.

goddess messages, oracle cards

“Goddess of Nature  ~

‘You reap what you sow;

Your dream is coming to fruition.’

This is a time to reap the rewards and benefits that are derived from the seeds of a project, venture, or idea that you planted some time ago.  It has not all been plain sailing, and many a time you have doubted whether your many efforts and labour would ever be rewarded.

Yet harvest time has come.  A time when you reap what you have sown.  Accept the blessings about to come your way and realise that they are the result of the love, courage, dedication, and commitment you have shown in the recent past.

Give thanks to Mother Nature and enjoy!”

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Gratitude:

is for family.  Those we were born with and those who joined us later.

3 thoughts on “Answering To It

  1. I think we’r going to have this baby soon! Possibly with in the week,??!!!
    what do you think?

    Dorothy Madeleine’s birthday is tomorrow (the 22nd), and even if he isn’t born on that day, maybe she’ll give him a budge so he can arrive close to it, or close to his due date, anyway.

    Also, thanks for the Facebook Sharing!!! You are such a generous niece!
    (Uncle) J

    10:36 p.m.

  2. You’re right. The pictures from that deck are not always the best. My husband walked by one time and wondered out loud if the artist had been doing acid at the time! 😀

    I really do like the spider web visual. So many different paths and yet they all connect to each other in some way. If we could/would just pay attention, we could get off of any strand that is not helping us to move forward in our journey.

    I love that image as well, such a great way to visualize it!

    10:37 p.m.

  3. Yup, I’ve been working really hard & putting in overtime, and I got a raise!!! Woo hoo for reaping what I’ve sown!!!

    NICE !!!

    11:11 p.m.

    (And look at the time.)

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