Even though the body we are currently wearing has never been through this experience before, it may, from time to time, have cell memory events.  The reason, of course, is that WE have been through this experience before, and sometimes can’t help but repeat a pattern.

             In fact, learning our lessons is all about those patterns, and figuring out how NOT to repeat them.   With whichever physical, corporeal cover we’ve got on at the time.

             Also, since time is not linear, our lives all parallel one another.  As we’re reaching a particular age in this life, right across from us, is our self reaching that same age, in some other life.

             Here’s an example.  Say a person is 20something and moderately injures their leg, but the healing seems to be slow.  Well, in a previous life, at the same 20something age, this individual was in a horrible crash (involving a cart and horse and a rockslide).

             Medicine being what it was way-back-when, this wound didn’t heal properly, the broken bones weren’t set correctly (or at all, perhaps), infection and septicemia set in.  The result was death.

             Back to current times, what does our example person need to learn from this injury?  How is it effecting their life today?  What is the symbolism of the experience?  What were they going through at that time, during that life which could be applied to this life currently?

             This is how we solve these mysteries (how we advance through our lifetimes), by understanding what we learned before, and what that means right now.

Accept – Honour – Release

             I’ve now lost track of the number of times this has happened to me.  We live SO many lives, and we bring SO much of it with us.  Very often we can answer some extremely important issues with this simple way of looking at things.

             When we accept that this is a lesson, we then move on to acknowledging its value.  Then, once we examine the life, the injury, the experience, we are able to let it go.  And (hopefully) never go through it again.

             Still within our regular rotation around the card altar today, we are shown several possibilities for the draw.  Another option (I was told when I flipped it over, which corresponds exactly with what was shared with me this morning) is about moving forward on our path.

angel messages, movement

“Move  ~  Guardian Angel  ~

This message is about moving – mostly likely it means that you will soon be moving to a new home.  You’ve been considering the possibility, and this is a validation of that idea.

The angels will help you locate a wonderful new home and assist with the details of leaving your present location.  Give any worries about this issue to Heaven; and have faith that the finances, family concerns, and other issues will be taken care of.

This is also a message about moving your body more.  The angels ask you to create movement in your life through physical motion.  You can do this by swaying or dancing to music, exercising, hiking outdoors, playing with children, and so on.

All this movement helps you make a fresh start.  It ushers in wonderful new people, experiences, and opportunities, so give any worries that you may have about making these changes to the Universe and your guardian angels.”

Today’s Deck:

Saints & Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Final Note on Past Lives:

is that (without sounding too self-serving), yes, we can do Tarot Card readings with that as a focus.  They are worth exploring, these other lives we’ve lived, especially if someone is feeling stuck, or lots of medical issues seem to be a bother that simply won’t go away.

3 thoughts on “Seeing, Knowing, Letting Go

  1. “Accept – Honour – Release” A timely reminder as this is always difficult for me. Especially the ‘release’ part. 🙂

    And this also reminded me of your poor puffy feet that constantly trouble you. How are they doing with all that hot weather? Are you okay at the moment?

    The edema is something that I’m currently working on with some past life meditations. I’ve seen WHY, now I just need to get the “letting go” to release.

    10:29 p.m.

  2. Like my dad? Maybe he was in a ship wreak and lost his leg and had to get a peg leg? I told him about this in the beginning but he laughed at me and said that could never happen.? What do you think? Text me or email me if you want to share with the world : )

    What do I think? I think that you are so damn psychic!

    You’ve nailed it, he totally lost a leg (and was badly injured, causing loss of teeth) while at sea.

    If he ever laughs at you again, tell him he’ll have to answer to me. That should scare some respect into his mean and rude ass.

    Also, yes, I’ll be texting you soon. The pool crowd wishes you a happy due date, and can’t wait to hear about how perfect your birth went. 😀
    (Uncle) J

    10:32 p.m.

  3. This really struck a chord with me.
    “Letting go” is not my strong suit.

    I’d be curious to get a past life reading. Maybe in a month of so when I save up some monies.
    = )

    E-mail me.

    10:33 p.m.

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