Habits.  We all  have ’em.  Ruts we get stuck in.  Routines which no longer serve a purpose, and yet, we persist.  One of mine is arguing with the Universe.

             Why do I still do this?  What causes me to think I know best?  I never win.  Never.  And yet.  I do it.

             This morning, a perfect example.  I “hear” the word Patience.  And I see the views of how Seasons and Holidays and the ever-present sun rise/sun set cycle is an important part of our own evolution and progress.  I am witness to patterns of calm and serenity, as a choice.

             Know what I do?  I argue.  I think, “not again!  No, we JUST talked about this!”  Wanna know what I got back?  Another round of the same type of images.  More powerful.  And louder.

             So, I stop my protestations, and I get out of bed.  I march off into the new day (with a massive fucking headache) and I try, patiently, to understand what this lesson is all about.

Time is Time

             We do what we do with Time, either attempting to get it to slow down, or bitching about how fast it goes.  Here’s what our reminder is: both reactions are wrong.

             Sit in Time.  And it will heal us.  Appreciate Time, and it will hand us gifts.  Treat Time as a friend, and enjoy every second (literally) in its presence.    Our blessings will appear, in the proper Time.

             Back within our regular rotation around the card altar, this messenger brings us precisely the accompanying validation and inspiration that we need, that are timely.

animal messages, eagle symbolism

“Eagle  ~  Iolair  (pronounced as Yulir)  ~

Intelligence, Renewal, Courage

The card shows a golden eagle flying in front of the rising sun, indicating its association with the East – the realm of intellect and the element of Air.  It is the time of Lughnasadh (Lammas on August 1st) – and the landscape below shows the harvest being gathered in.

On the horizon are the peaks of Snowdonia, and we can just make out the eagles’ secret lake of renewal in the north.  In the foreground is the oak tree, for the oak is king of the forest, as the eagle is king of the birds.  The oak and the eagle are both also associated with the god Taranis, the Druid Jupiter, and the god Lugh, Lleu, who was said to have transformed himself into an eagle which perched on a mighty oak.

Iolair helps you to see your life in the wider context, enabling you to make decisions and chart your goals with clarity and objectivity.  A powerful ally, it is courageous and strong, and draws its power from the sun.

If you will allow the eagle to work for you, it will bring you a sense of purpose and the courage to see this through, enabling you to venture into fresh territory with confidence.  It will allow you to detach yourself from everyday worries and cares, and will enable you to grasp subtle concepts.

The eagle, when accepted, will also show you the way to renew and rejuvenate yourself, by demonstrating the art of plunging – at just the right moment – into the lake of the heart.”

             We are coming up to the next Pagan High Holiday (  < —–  ), exactly as mentioned in this description.  (I keep those sidebars regularly updated.)

Today’s Deck:

The Druid Animal Oracle – Working With The Sacred Animals Of The Druid Tradition by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, illustrated by Bill Worthington

Today’s Sharing:

is this doesn’t-quite-do-the-grade-justice phone photo from my ride earlier.

See my bike parked in the shade?
See my bike parked in the shade?

             For local folks, this is the TALL end of Hilyard.  Everyone else?  Take my word for it, this is a steep bastard.  And yes, I got off to walk (and grab a picture).  But hey, it’s finally been cool enough that I could BE on the bike and not perish from heat stroke.   I took my time, no rush.

2 thoughts on “Enduring Measured Length, again.

  1. “One of mine is arguing with the Universe.” Yeah, you and me both. For all the good it does. (On a side note: I wrote “does” and could only hear “does” as in deer. Ummm. So I yelled to the livingroom, “Spell ‘duhz’!”. And, of course, same spelling. But all I’m hearing is “does”/deer. It’s going to be a long day.)

    Another weirdness, my head is splitting in two so I went to get motrin and sudafed. As I tipped my head back to drop the pills in, your site came up and the first thing my eye caught was, “(with a massive fucking headache)”. {{{HUGS}}} to you.

    “Patience” I think will be my mantra for today. I’m packing the boys up to leave for camp tomorrow. I’ll have a whole week to myself. Not completely work free, but I’m definitely going to enjoy the quiet.

    Eagle is a wonderful card to get. So powerful, yet so soothing.

    And I get that hill! With all the bike racing I’ve watched, I’ve learned to adjust for the camera angle (they’ll occasionally pull out sideways to show you the actual gradient). That’s a groaner. So glad you’re not doing heatstroke level heat and you can get out, and, hopefully, enjoy yourself.

    I think that word should be spelled duhz, it makes more sense!

    10:56 p.m.

  2. “Sit in Time. And it will heal us.” I think that might be just exactly what I needed to hear today. Thanks! It is so hot here, too. I hope you are not getting the smoke we are– it’s so thick here you can smell it in the air (the fires are over in Central Washington state). Blecch. Hugs to you, dear Julie.

    It’s been SUPER flammable here lately, a mill burnt to the ground on Thursday, yesterday one of our major park areas went up in flames, and then this morning there were two serious house fires. Odd, unusual for us. And smokey.

    10:58 p.m.

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