Very often, when we go through big highs and lows / confusing or challenging life events, we are better able to see our selves more clearly.  The fluff-and-nonsense is blown away and our true strength emerges.  Our honest character is revealed.

             This morning the Universe showed me specific and unambiguous views of . . . . .

Definitive Decisiveness

             And affirmative resolution.  We are being reminded that while our primary purpose is to do well, and help others, it is also to be true and kind to ourself.  To honour and adore the beauty which IS each of us.

             When a choice arrives, we can be as clear as the most perfect diamond: yes or no?  What would serve our soul best?  Which way will lead toward our heart’s desire?

             As Spider said yesterday, those Divine strands can take us to many places.  But the places which will be the most beneficial, and the places that sing to our still and quiet self, are the ones we need to aim our intentions towards.

             On our card altar today, I was directed to this bonus draw.  It will help us with the message, and keep us focused on the best strand to follow.

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“Prioritize  ~

Archangel Metatron:

‘Focus on your highest priorities.  I will help  you get organized and motivated.’

Additional Message:

‘What is your calling?  What makes your heart sing?  When you focus on these areas, your joyful energy increases, which benefits everyone.

Take charge of your schedule, and spend more time on projects and activities close to your heart.  Make choices that honor your priorities and support your life’s mission.’

Working with Archangel Metatron:

… he helps people develop organizational record-keeping skills… when you call upon Metatron, he motivates you to organize your priorities.”

             Sounds like what we also heard from the Gateway draw two days ago.  But, additionally, I have to tell you that I never look at the guidebook’s definition until I’m sitting here and transcribing it into the post.  I had no clue that so many of the same ideas, words, and phrases were going to be repeated!

             (Ha, I love when that happens.)

Today’s Deck:

Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Sharing and FLP Report Combined:

is this shot from earlier in the week.


             Plus one that I took a quick phone photo of while driving, which didn’t quite work out.  It was a traditional, old style New Mexico.  And then today, I recognized one from Illinois.