The images I was shown this morning were thick with symbolism, and heavy on the side of discomfort.  But then, it’s been hot here, so maybe part of that was just me.

             It was made apparent that we needed to talk about our work hours and our not-work hours.  The words I heard were all centered around:


             Taking breaks is a necessity, or so I was reminded.  We should remember that the key to being healthy is non-negotiable Self-Care.  “Don’t work through your weekend” they said to me.

             Good mental health is putting to good use our “off” time.  And by GOOD, it doesn’t have to be exotic vacations to far off lands.  (Although, if that’s affordable, then by all means, do it.)

             When we stay attuned to our emotions, we know when those breaks are necessary, and where to take them.  Understand the feelings within, and then honour them.  Do the work, then step away from it.

             We have a draw from our Special Occasion cards today, because on this date, in 1938, my father was born.  To celebrate such a festive event, we’ve been visited by a wonderful messenger.

animal messages, spider is the weaver of dreams, dad's birthday, Australia dreaming

“Spider  ~  44  ~  Weaver of Dreams  ~

Spider, as the Weaver of Dreams, reminds us that we are the creators of our own lives, and that we alone choose the directions we take.

Every night the Spider weaves her web and every morning she pulls it apart, fully prepared to reweave it later that night.  Her web is symbolic of life.  We are all essential strands of the Web of Life.  Each of us is imbued with strength and wisdom to make a vital contribution to the planet.

Spider encourages us to explore life and to investigate the strands that lead out from the centre of her web.  Some will offer reward and others won’t.  As we journey the positive strands, life seems abundant.

             A wrong turn though, will present a strand that offers nothing.  Life becomes difficult with all attempts to free ourselves proving futile.  The Web of Life is riddled with pitfalls, but it also promises greatness to those prepared to take risks and work hard.

As the Weaver of Dreams, Spider urges us to explore life and to reweave our web when our path becomes barren.  She helps us reclaim our power and bring our dreams to fruition.  She warns, however, that in order to open new doors, we must first close old ones by facing our fears and making choices that promise new beginnings.

If Spider has woven her way into your cards today, you are being reminded of your role as a vital strand in the Web of Life.  We all yearn to take control of our lives and to make a difference to the world.  We all yearn to believe in ourselves, to have faith in our ability to heal and to realise our true potential.

Well, you are being reminded that Spider nurtures the wisdom in you to make your healing possible and your life more abundant and fulfilling.  Now is the time to acknowledge your vulnerabilities, face your fears, and strive to achieve your dreams.  So, embrace your Purpose and your Personal Power.

Spider is calling to you to reconnect with Spirit and to remember that you are not apart from the worlds in which you live, but rather a vital thread in the Universal tapestry.  Without your input, the tapestry will fray and eventually fall apart.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King

Today’s Affirmation:

I have plenty of time and money to take care of myself and my family.

(No accreditation because I can’t remember where I read it.)

LateNight Update:

this post is going up over a full hour late.  Something went sideways with my computer as I was typing, and it just shut itself off with a strange whine.  Fortunately nothing seems to be lost.  Probably, it’s just as hot and uncomfortable as I am.  And followed the Universe’s advice to take a break.

2 thoughts on “Commemoration and Relief (with update)

  1. Happy Day to your Dad. Great card draw, and great message today as well. “Putting to good use our off time” is probably some of the sanest advice ever given. You might remind your beloved that there is a reason that he gets the kind of time off that he does for this healthy use. Numbered people, as a rule, don’t understand that concept very well.

    You are correct, numbered people do NOT understand this concept well. Not well, at all.


  2. Happy Birthday to your Dad!

    Why is self-care so hard to remember? I was just thinking about this today when I was looking at yet -another- project just waiting, waiting for me to “find” the time to finish. *shakes head* You would think at my age I would have this down by now.

    My computer crapped out this morning as well. Just as I was turning on my race! Turns out the power cord died. *sigh* Bless Radioshack for having one in stock. (My SON, when I mentioned borrowing his, said LOUDLY, “NO, you kill just about every mechanical thing you touch. MINE!” All while clutching his computer protectively to his chest.)

    Dan is a mechanical/electronic appliance killer, too.

    10:36 p.m.

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