There’s an idea that when we are children, we laugh more than five times as much as when we’re adults.  That, to me, is horribly sad.  (The very opposite, of laughing!)  Also?  It is avoidable.

             When we speak of perspective, we mean our observations.  But it’s also about attitude.  What I was shown this morning felt uncomfortable, and had a personal note to it.

             Additionally, though, there was an overlying sense of Hope.

How We Wait

             I’m a particularly impatient person (no, like really.  Ask anyone I’ve given birth to, or ya know, may have married).  Would I like to change this aspect of my personality?  Hell, yes!  Am I able to?  Well, I’m trying.

             And, that’s what we need to focus on.  The trying.  The attempt.  The “keep at it” feeling of never-failure.

             We’re always succeeding, because we’re making the effort.  I’m already better than I was due to my recognition of the situation.  Can I do MUCH better?  Of course.  But simply acknowledging that this is something to work on has moved me along and helped me to heal.

             Fortunately, there are methods to apply, tools at our disposal, and assistance everywhere we turn.  Our daily draw is a fantastic example.

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“Soaring into Joy  ~

‘Childlike wonder fills my life.’

Card meaning:

Celebrate and live life with glee!  Clap your hands in delight!  Be madcap and spontaneous!  All is truly well.

The Universe wants you to know:

Allow a childlike wonder and joy to fill your entire being.  Your happiness makes a difference to others, for as you experience true delight, this radiates out from you like ripples in a still pool and touches the souls of many.

Take time for yourself.  Find ways to experience joy in every moment.  Even when doing the most mundane, boring, or gritty tasks, look for ways to feel genuine happiness.

If you have trouble finding pleasure in certain situations, start small, and eventually you will soar.  To feel joyful is a gift.   It rejuvenates you and heals the world.

Questions to ask  yourself:

What gives me the greatest pleasure?  What might be blocking my joy?  What’s the key to experiencing more bliss in my life?


Childlike wonder fills my life.”

Today’s Deck:

Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn

Today’s Sharing:

is this view from my front porch.

Yes, usually there IS a cop car in my driveway, however, this is NOT usually someone peeking up from behind it.
Yes, usually there IS a cop car in my driveway, however, there is NOT usually someone peeking up from behind it.

             While Dan was in the back yard, grilling cauliflower, ribs, and tater tots, this curious neighbor was milling around.  Along side were a flock of turklets*, and a mom turkey.  Who nearly got herself stuck on the wrong side of our fence.  Good thing my gate guardian was doing their job.

*That may, or may not, be the official name for baby turkeys.  I might have made this word up.

9 thoughts on “Time Spending

  1. says that baby turkeys are called “poults.” Um, yeah, we’re definitely going with turklets, which is just so way much better!!! 😉

    How cool the cop car is green!

    Love the messages! Patience has never been one of my strong suits, either, but The Universe has been kind enough to send me people who’ve helped me develop it in various ways. (Yes, that sometimes has included trying it sorely.) Shitty drivers still get me everytime, though!

    I simply adore your gate guardian! More than I can even express! I must find me a fierce yet adorable patio guardian! (A toad in this style would be awesome!)

    The green goes way back, several sheriffs, in fact. They put a few in service which were white, and everybody hated them.

    12:20 a.m.

    1. Yeah, we loved our green cars. That car is one I was assigned after they decided that we didn’t need 4×4 vehicles in our fleet (although for some reason, all the command staff got unmarked 4×4’s because they had to get to all the crime scenes, dontcha know, nevermind who has to get there first…) and I drove it until they had some AWD vehicles that no one wanted… and I took one, which I loved.

      I’ve heard the SO now has all black, unmarkeds. Great.

  2. Yeah, patience with people is not one of my virtues. Children and animals are a different story.

    Deer AND turkeys in broad daylight while you’re out grilling? Yeesh. Brazen little suckers. Cute, of course, but brazen.

    You should like this. Last night I was cleaning out a cupboard in the kitchen. Shocking, I know. But I need room to get stuff off my table. In the back of the portable beverage container pile, I found an old travel mug. It is porcelain and painted with sunflowers with a plastic lid that leaks, which is why it wound up in the back unused. I was gritting my teeth – just get rid of this stuff – when I saw what was painted on the side. Why, beside the sunflowers, it appealed to me. “Plant your Garden as you live each day – with Joy and Grace.” Fits right in, don’t you think? I decided to keep it as a regular mug, odd shape and all.

    No, not brazen in any way. Completely different sides of the house, and lots of elevation change.
    They are all out in the daytime, all year long. We are not exactly rural, but we do live in the urban forest.

    I just don’t often see them AT THE SAME TIME !

    12:21 a.m.

  3. Hanna came up with the name turklets. Or maybe she heard you say it but the first time i can remember anyone saying that it was Hanna when there was a hurd of them in the backyard at your house one morning and Hanna was video tapping them like it was a nature documentary lol : ) those where the days!

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