This morning’s message arrived in a bizarre and scattered array of images.  It was at once, confusing, with pieces and parts everywhere.  While at the same time, calming, with a puzzle-fitting-together mood.

             There are myths in most cultures about a god or iconic figure being chopped up and then stuck back all whole again.  That’s the idea here.

Support, regardless.

            No matter the situation, no matter the condition of our bits and fragments, we are held up, we are held soundly on a strong foundation.  We have approval and encouragement.  Always we are supported.

             While I sat and jotted this down (in the form of notes, which is how I start my day), I was drawn to return that focus back within the regular rotation around our card altar.  We’re being reminded of options, if we choose to disregard the hope and beauty that the Universe is offering.

             As there are no mistakes, we can’t select the “wrong” attitude.  But, we CAN go a direction which will be more comfortable, appealing, and good for our soul growth.   Or, we can go one that is not so gentle, one that is harsh but (temporarily) painless.

             Still, it’s up to us.  What I hear is that, Nature and all the Elements don’t require us to believe in them, they merely recommend that we, at least, try to see the blessings and gifts provided.

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“Ice-olation  ~  3  ~  Clouds: The Mind

In our society, men in particular have been taught not to cry, to put a brave face on things when they get hurt and not show that they are in pain.  But women can fall into this trap too, and all of us at one time or another might feel that the only way to survive is to close off our feelings and emotions so we can’t be hurt again.

If our pain is particularly deep, we might even try to hide it from ourselves.  This can make us frozen, rigid, because deep down we know that one small break in the ice will free the hurt to start circulating through us again.

The rainbow-colored tears on this person’s face hold the key to breaking out of this ‘ice-olation.’  The tears, and only the tears, have the power to melt the ice.  It’s okay to cry, and there is no reason to feel ashamed of your tears.

Crying helps us to let go of pain, allows us to be gentle with ourselves, and finally helps us to heal.

Maturity  ~  Ace of Rainbows  ~  The Physical

This figure stands alone, silent yet alert.  The inner being is filled with flowers – that carry the quality of springtime and regenerate wherever s/he goes.

This inner flowering and the wholeness that s/he feels affords the possibility of unlimited movement.  S/He can move in any direction – within and without it makes no difference as joy and maturity cannot be diminished by externals.

We have come to a time of centeredness and expansiveness – the white glow around this figure is their protection and their light.  All of life’s experiences have brought us to this time of perfection.

When you draw this card, know well this moment carries a gift – for hard work well done.  Your base is solid now and success and good fortune are yours for they are the outcome of what has already been experienced within.” 

Today’s Deck:

Osho Zen Tarot

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is THIS POST from Hanna’s personal blog.  It says it all, no need for me to add a thing.

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  1. Great cards today (which would be yesterday since I am catching up again), both of them good things for me to think about. Also great post from Hanna! I’m not vegetarian but I know many people who are and I suspect they would know exactly what she’s talking about.

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