There is a theory that, the older we get, the wiser we become.  If we rely on this, and add in all of our past lives, you’d think we’d be fucking brilliant!

             You’d be wrong.  Sort of.  If we retained ALL of our knowledge, this would be true.  Be we don’t.   Well, we do, but we can’t always easily access it every single moment.  We CAN get there, but it’s sometimes a chore.

             (The late) Sylvia Browne wrote a book called “Past Lives, Future Healing” which has been invaluable to me.  The concept, once understood, is useful in more ways than can be counted.

Look back to go forward.

             When we apply that, we can remember.  (Meditation, prayer, guided CDs, Quiet Time, all are helpful here.  And not to be all self-promoting, but Tarot Card readings have also proven beneficial, as well.)

             When we apply our previous issues to the present situations, we are able to heal and move on.  So many times it’s merely a matter of acknowledgement.  We don’t need to relive the past pain, just honour it.

             Our daily draw continues further, and extends the message.

oracle cards, gods and goddess, messages of sacred power

“Goddess Of Sacred Power  ~

‘You are being encouraged to take a leading role in your current situation.’

You are being asked by God/Goddess and the universe to take a leading role with regards to a project or family issue you are currently involved in.  The current situation is in need of leadership and direction.  Sometimes, being too democratic simply doesn’t work.

If  you look at life honestly you will realise that everyone has their own opinion on how they think things should be done.  It is not so much a matter of who is right or wrong.  What is important right now is that someone takes control.

It is better to steer a ship somewhere, rather than have it drift aimlessly wherever the wind may blow.   Have the courage to take control.

Ask the universe to guide you.  Lead lovingly yet with strength and follow the sacred power of your intuition.”

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddess Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno


I will be strong and patient as I lead with love, angelic help, and Divine guidance, so that this situation is resolved peacefully, quickly, positively, and for the highest good of all.