It’s always obvious to me, when I start the day, which messages are personal and which are to be shared.  Sometimes though, what isn’t so exact is the meaning of all the parts.

             Symbolism is valuable because it helps to reach us on so many levels.  In order to learn our lessons, we truly need to feel them.  Visual or tactile images (and smells) are excellent aids in this process.  Words aren’t needed in every occasion.

             But one did come through.  One.  Just the one.  And it said it all.


             The views from my morning were vague, misty, and not entirely clear.  Which was fine, nothing to see, apparently.  It all simply felt safe.  Safe for us to keep going.  We are protected, we don’t need to worry or have any fear.

             When I flipped over the daily draw, well, there was the rest of our message.  We’ve been handed the Why part of this equation.

oracle cards

“The Ringmaster of Scrutiny  ~  9  ~

discernment, clear vision, details

The Ringmaster of Scrutiny is all about the details.  Look closely and pay attention to the smallest elements of what’s being presented to you on your path.  It’s in these details, not the broad strokes, that you will find the breathtaking beauty and perfection in what you observe.

This Ally is on your side to point to the deeper meaning of what unfolds in  your life, and he reminds you that every moment counts.

Staying present in this perfect moment, observing the minute things, leads you to manifest your highest good and greatest desires.  Grand gestures are for other times.  It’s the smallest acts that really count now.”

Today’s Deck:

Wisdom Of The Hidden Realm Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s Sharing:

is this not-terrific photo of a new biking accessory.  More lights!  (That view below, on our kitchen table, shows the box and what came in it.)

On SALE, excellent SALE!
On SALE, excellent (more than half-price) SALE!

             Go HERE to see the company (and their other option, which I have no desire to purchase).  This type of item is becoming MUCH more affordable than when they started appearing in shops (or maybe when I started noticing them).

             I won’t be putting it on my wheels though, I’m thinking I’d rather wrap it around the back part of my frame (but not like the web-site examples, mine will look WAY better).

5 thoughts on “No Harm

  1. I am so not detail oriented. Good reminder. I love the bike accessory! Looks fabulous and useful! I should get some for my sousaphone….

    Now that we have these lights, I can think of SO many different places where they’d be useful and fun!

    11:28 p.m.

  2. “It’s the smallest acts that really count now.” Good reminder. It’s the little stuff that holds everything together. (Got to remind myself to be -grateful- for the small stuff.)

    Wow. Like the bike stuff. Wish I had seen it before Spider Bait took off on another bike ride to DC. Fortunately it’s a small group of seniors and college freshman doing a ‘last’ ride. They would rather ride hard during the day and sprawl around in the evenings! 😀 (They have encountered two bears and a mountain lion thus far. I hope someone got pictures!)

    What type of Gratitude work are you doing? At night, in the morning? Making a point every day really helps to keep the reminders fresh and in our faces.

    11:29 p.m.

    1. I think I’m actually going to have to put it down on my ‘to-do’ list. Make it a ‘job’ to do, you know? ‘Cause I just keep tomorrowing the shit out of stuff.

      1. Mmmmmmmmm, not actually how that works…….

        … yes, do put it on the list. But also? The very minute, the EXACT second that you think of it, just jot something down. Right then. Nothing formal. On the back of an envelope, a napkin, as a phone note, anything.

        And if can’t write (because you’re in the shower or driving or have your hands covered in dirt of dough or paint or whatever) then say it outloud. But really, stop putting it off.

        This is NOT a “tomorrow” sort of chore or job. It’s a way of living and feeling. The more we do it, the better we (and our lives) will be, in every possible way.

        1. Yup. I got a tip (like third in the chain or so, someone told someone told someone…) to write in permanent marker on the back of your hand a word or so you want to remember or use as a reminder since we do so many things with our hands and we constantly look at them during the day. ‘Course you gotta remember to write on them to begin with! 🙂

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