Yesterday we discussed our individuality.  This morning, I’ve been advised, we’re talking about similarities.  Not to toss out over-simplified generalities, but we do all strive for the same things.

             Our needs and desires are, on one level, identical.  All of us want to be happy, healthy, and safe.  The bodies we inhabit all require equal and exact elements to survive.  As a whole entity, we are One.  A unit made up of matching parts.

Same – same.

             What we seek can be found in a set method and way.  A standard and proven system is already in place for our use.

             To be serene, we must rest quietly, go within.   To be healed, we must reach out and heal others.  To attain our goals, we must ever spiral upward.

              As individuals, we are together.  Alike.  The same.

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“Bee  ~

‘Hard work is rewarded with responsibility and a sweetness that is shared.’

Without busy Bee pollinating the flowers whose rich produce of fruit, vegetable, and seed provides for man, beast, and bird, the world’s ecosystems would decay and the web of life unravel.

If Bee has come to you now, she is asking you to look within: do you wisely protect or thoughtlessly pollute her environment?

One of the most powerful creatures on earth, Bee works hard, but just as her honey makes warm intoxicating mead, she reminds us, too, that a life without frolic and fun lacks sweetness.”

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Animal Messages – Seek Inspiration From Your Animal Guides by Susie Green

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we’re in a heat wave (which I just found out will continue into next week), and I’m feeling melty.

3 thoughts on “Like, alike.

  1. Love Bee. It’s a shame they are in such trouble because of us humans and our chemicals. Did you know there is a place in China where there are no bees and they have to pollinate the pear trees by hand. (Hm. Have I said this before?)

    And you would think the plain and simple fact that while we are individuals we are also all the same would help us respect one another instead of slaughtering each other. *shakes head*

    There are some awesome new groups forming, and others are just getting bigger/more press, all having to do with urban bee-keeping and making sure we NEVER lose them.

    10:06 p.m.

  2. Bee is such a great card!

    For more obscure pop references…I am reminded of the President’s speech in “Independence Day”… ‘ A great day for mankind. Mankind…huh, has a bit of a different meaning today, doesn’t it’. I think my favorite scene in the movie was when the Arabs and the Israelis met together to take down the space ship.

    (Shhh, I never saw it…….)

    1:28 a.m.

    1. Love the speech too! And everyone getting together to take down the aliens. And them needing both the “geek” (hm, or is is nerd?) and the warrior to take them down. Anyway, liked the movie (even though some around me thought it was cheezie.) 😀

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