Today, I’m riding in a patrol car for most of the evening, so that I can spend time with that guy I’m married to.  My Beloved will be working this holiday, as he has for 26 years, as is his son.  As are many other folks.  The people who take care of us.

             Including individuals like THIS GUY.  Please go read that post, and then share it around.  The days before, the days after, all those days when it can be forgotten why we celebrate.  And how we celebrate.

             And, look.  What a perfect daily draw, from our regular rotation around the card altar today.

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“Activist  ~ 

St Mother Teresa

You are guided to champion a cause, such as a social issue, a charitable group, or a person in distress.  Like St Mother Teresa, you can single-handedly make a positive difference in the world.  She’ll act as your guide in this matter if you will ask for her help.

Notice which issues arouse your passion or anger, and make a commitment to serve in some capacity to heal those situations.  your soul wants to express itself and to make your opinions known.

Use your expertise and life experience (such as business skills, writing abilities, or speaking talents) to help along your chosen cause.  Donate time or money to related charities and agencies.  You’ll feel energized by your activism.

St Mother Teresa live as an example of how much good work one individual could do.  She was born in 1910 in Albania under the birth name Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu.  She became a nun at age 18 and took the name Teresa out of respect for St Therese of Lisieux.  When she was 36 years old, Teresa received a Divine calling to ‘serve God amongst the poorest of poor.’  Within two years, she began a ministry for the impoverished people of Calcutta, India.

She and her sister nuns cared for the starving and dying citizens.  Today, mover than 500 missions and centers worldwide carry on the legacy of her words: ‘faith in action is love, and love in action is service…..’ “

Today’s Deck:

Saints & Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

From Me To You:

Be safe.  Be considerate.  See you all on the 5th.

2 thoughts on “Reminder

  1. It was delightful seeing your beloved as he led the parade in our little town yesterday, and I am delighted to hear you rode with him last night. What I miss about working is that sort of thing, the being there for people. None of the rest of it. Xenatuba did indeed, march on yesterday!

    Makes for a long damn day (about 14 hours), but he’s only going to get one more year of it.

    3:12 a.m.

  2. Huge gratitude to Dan, J.D., and all emergency service people everywhere!

    From me, as well. Very few are cut out to do that job, and do it well.

    3:13 a.m.

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