Now that our Goal has been identified (in yesterday’s post), we’re being advised to move it right along.  As in, let’s get this party started.  No more waiting.

Putting into Action.

             This is our next step.  We are aware of the need for Serenity.  The need for lovingkindness, and a calm attitude.  Not just a glass-half-full sort of demeanor, but gratitude for even HAVING a glass at all.

             So, how do we make that our reality?  What are the movements which bring it all into the now?  Answer: do it.  Just start making it happen.

             The views that were shown to me this morning had a gracious and ethereal quality, while at the same time being raw and messy.  “Because it’s about becoming lighter, but the work is difficult,” is what I heard.

             This whole process is about letting go, releasing discomfort and stress, and all that no longer serves.  And also, about evolution, ever spiraling upwards.

             We begin by feeling our feelings, and experiencing them completely.  Then, relaxing/releasing.  Let go.  LET GO!

             After that, seek out the solitude we require (and that none of us gets enough of).  Create it.  Make a Sacred Space.  No excuses.  Anywhere will do.

             (Three quick minutes in a parking lot, the bathroom, step inside of a closet if you have to.  Obviously something like THIS would be ideal, but ya know, we take what we can get.)

             To give us a boost, our daily draw has a terrific jumping off point.

oracle cards, self-care, listening

“Listening  ~

Listen to your Wise Self.

Let your inner compass direct the course of your life.”

             By going within, to hear that Wise Self, we’ll know where to turn next.  We’ll know what to do next.  Our guidance will be there, right when we need it most.

             Remember, it’s the Journey; all along the path we learn.

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Sharing:

is this view of two very patient dogs.

What?  Leave us alone.  We need to watch this window, she might come back ANY SECOND NOW!”

             Maxx and his pal, the hospice girl, were here when Dan and I got up today.  Their people went to soak in the hot springs, sans pets.  It was a long, grueling few hours for the dogs…… both were convinced they’d been dropped off here, forever!

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  1. Awww, poor puppies! 🙂

    I just bookmarked that sacred space site for further exploration. Just looking at that is relaxing!

    I’m going back to it, too.

    10:07 p.m.

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