Once again, it was all about the symbolism.  The views which were brought forth for me to share with you this morning, featured houses.  Many, many houses.  Each unique and precisely specific.

            The scenes all had heft to them; they felt important and necessary.  Just as each of us are (as we were reminded yesterday) are our own individual and special person, so too, were these homes.

             Even in a row of houses all built exactly alike, they are truly not.  Just as we may all be having a human experience, each of those singular experiences is one-of-a-kind.

Each and every situation.

             The suggestion being made right now is that we are to treat circumstances as if they were a stand-alone occurrence.  Because each one is.

             Still within our regular rotation today, we’ve arrived upon my “working” cards*.  This illustration perfectly demonstrates the point.

*This stack looks so much newer because it’s a duplicate.  My “real” ones are beginning to get a bit rough around the edges, literally.

5 of Swords
5 of Swords

             It’s not about cheating, or manipulation.  It’s about doing the best that we can, under challenging conditions.  One condition at a time.

             Often this comes up Reversed, and that’s good, it means we’ve risen above the petty, the competitive, the physical difficulties that surround us.

             But this time, right now, in one of those “situations,” we’re going to need to set our judgements aside and do whatever it takes.  That might mean selecting an option we would usually avoid.

             The bottom line though, is that we keep in mind what value a singular event can mean.  And how it may need to stand out.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Sharing:

is a new program being broadcast on BBC America (a channel I didn’t even knew existed until practically mere months ago).  It’s called Almost Royal.  And holy freaking fuck, it’s so damn funny.  (You know me, I extremely picky and difficult to please.)

             The young comics who portray siblings are hilarious in their own right (Amy Hoggart and Ed Gamble), but as these characters, deargawd, I just can’t tell you how hard Dan and I laughed when we watched the first few episodes.  If it’s not available where you are, at least watch the clips provided on their website.  Really, so freaking funny.

3 thoughts on “Unto Our Own

  1. Love the sound of the Royals. : ) I zipped over and checked out some of the videos. I adore Brit humor and will look for the show. Thanks.

    I wish they weren’t just 30 minute episodes, I’d watch for hours on end if that was an option!

    1:37 a.m.

  2. Love the houses symbology (duh, since my current vocation revolves around people improving their houses to reflect their personal style)! The draw, not so much. But I can see the value of the advice, and will apply if necessary.

    I’m fairly fascinated by/with houses, too. But this, wow, this was beyond even MY obsessions.

    10:05 p.m.

  3. Oh No. Not another show to watch. 😉
    I’ll have to check it out.

    Hee hee…. I am a terrible influence.
    The line around here is “NO NEW SHOWS, DAMMIT” and then, up pops this gem.

    10:06 p.m.

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