There are mornings which bring a clear, explicit message.  And other days, well ……. they don’t.  What I’ve learned though, over this past year of receiving so much channeled information, is that, we wait.  It’ll show up.

             Today I was given images and no words.  Emotions with no titles.  Scenes of mass groupings with no discernible individuals.

             What eventually emerged was a direction to rejoin our regular rotation around the card altar, allowing that visual and tactile tool to move us “further along.”

             Get ready to chuckle.  When I got upstairs and flipped it over, it absolutely brought a smile to my face.  This illustration does give the impression of a journey.  But not one of speed nor haste.

             Combining it with what I was shown, now makes perfect sense.  Here’s our suggestion for now.  The last five words of the final line in this one are the best.

animal messages, tortoise wisdom, oracle cards

“Tortoise  ~

‘When changes are made for the sake of change itself, resist.’

Older than Dinosaur, embodiment of ancient wisdom and living testament to the wonder of her form, unchanging Tortoise plods on through time.

Like Tortoise, resist change for novelty’s sake.  Be true to your way of living, your partner, and your creativity, lest you destroy something more wonderful than you yet know.

Tortoise also counsels constructing a mental carapace to protect yourself from the unjustified criticisms of others, for as Tortoise’s hatchlings emerge from their shells, perfect, you too were born flawless.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Messages – Seek Inspiration From Your Animal Guides by Susie Green

Today’s Handicraft Potential:

is this lacy-but-sturdy cotton garment.

Discovered in a second-hand shop. Acquired for six dollars and change.
Discovered in a second-hand shop.
Acquired for six dollars and change.

             I’m trying to figure out if I can replicate it, like by using an old tablecloth.   I’ll keep you posted.

5 thoughts on “Steadfast Patience

  1. “…you too were born flawless.” Don’t let “The Church” hear you say that. (I’m limiting myself to that comment only. 😉 )

    So why would you want to replicate that shirt with a tablecloth? I’m confused…

    Uh, yeah. Right. About “the church” – well, since what most folks call “the word of god” is really a bastardized mess of poorly translated, incomplete, and cobbled together metaphors and suggestions passed off by misogynistic fucktards as ancient truths (when we know it is not), I’m not too overly concerned about what “they” think. Especially since ignorance is where their power-over mentality originates.

    That entire “original sin” bullshit is simply so much painful corruption. (And it makes me depressed to think that anyone with a brain still buys into it. Talk about slut shaming and rape culture.)

    10:44 p.m.

    1. The thing that got me the most, way back when I first started looking into this stuff, was the fact that they cobbled the Bible together at a mass meeting OVER 300 YEARS -AFTER- Jesus died! Um? Hello? How could they possibly -know- for sure they had it all right? It’s not like all that stuff had been kept safe under lock and key for 300 years. Constantine wanted one canon to be recognized by all and paid for everyone to come together and vote on what was to be included and what not to include.

      That’s not to say that all of Jesus’ teachings are crap. They’re not. But is the Bible exact? No. And so much of what “The Church” says ‘is’ is their -interpretation- of what it says. Which then has me flipping out, so to speak, because when you question what is said, you get told the Bible is ‘exactly’ the way God wanted it to be. So why do we need someone to say, “Well, what it really means is this…” Really? And who told them that? It’s all such a power play. Gah.

      One of my favorite pieces of stupidity from my days of regular church going was the preacher of a friend’s church who read a piece of scripture and ‘translated’ it to mean that every woman who wore a bikini was going straight to hell. I just sat there with my mouth hanging open. It boggles the mind.

  2. I saw a tortoise (about a foot long) in the middle of the road at midnight last night!

    Not too long after this one showed up here!

    10:50 p.m.

  3. Tortoise is perfect for me right now! And I LOVE the lacy shirt!

    I’ll update on how the project goes. Right now I’ve got Dan working on a crocheted cardigan. Sturdy lace-y-ness is becoming a new obsession.

    10:52 p.m.

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