We may all be connected now, world-wide, as it were.  But there is still a regional community we’re living inside of.  Not only that, but where (and who) we come from continues to shape our lives.  (Even as we age.  Maybe, in some cases, more so.)

             That’s was shared with me this morning as our message began to make itself known.


            We are shaped by our surroundings as much as by our heritage.  Move far away from the family home and leave all relatives behind?  Doesn’t entirely matter, they’re there in, our history, both physical and mental.

            However, because our very explicit task here, in these bodies, on this journey, is to improve ourselves (and help others along the way), we’re continually rising above that shadow.

             Or, in the some instances, rising to meet the excellent examples set by those who were our earliest and most influential guides.

             No matter who inspired us in our formative years, when we take their very best aspects, blend with our own lessons learned, and make a pointed effort to always do our best, then we’re on the right track.  Because releasing “that which no longer serves,” frees us from any negative influence, allowing our path to be clear of obstacles.

             To validate what I saw and heard and felt today, the direction for our card altar draw was loudly specific, still not yet returning to the regular rotation.

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“Angel of Vision  ~

‘Someone is not revealing part of the story;

Trust your feelings over what others say.’

The Angel of Vision has appeared in your reading today to help you see through a particular situation that is affecting your life at present.  There is more to the current situation than meets the eye.

The person or people involved are hiding part of the truth and are not revealing the full story.  Do not rely on what you are shown or told; rather, start to pay attention to your intuition.

What is your gut feeling regarding this present event?  Ask your Angel of Vision to help you.  Trust your feelings and natural instincts instead of relying on what others say.

All will be revealed through the light of love and the current stream of events will turn in your favour.”

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

FLP Report:

is from the past few days of us being out on the bikes (and the bus), beginning with a hugely illegal plate frame which obscuring the entire state, plus one who got past me that could have been Oklahoma, and another Michigan, a Hawaii, an Illinois, and one lone Tennessee.