In order to show us our message this morning, many of the scenes featured a baby.  Not a specific child born to someone in particular, but, a metaphoric and transient infant.

             One that we give back immediately.  Because it represented issues in motion.

Small and messy,

but ultimately harmless in the long-run.

             Sure problems and kids can derail your entire day, but then, when the details are sorted out, well . . . .  the end result is almost not even noticeable.

             How is this possible, though?  It’s us.  Again, it’s in our perspective.  Our frame of value.

             Some instances (or babies) set us off the rails, push us out of sync, force us flaying into big-huge-problem! mind-set.  (Or deal with the baby.)  But then, we’re done.  We’ve solved it.  (We hand the baby back.)  The episode ceases to be of importance.  (The child returns home.)

             We look back later and realize, hell, that wasn’t so bad after all!

             When I stood in front of our card altar earlier, waiting to hear if we’d continue around in the regular rotation, I was directed outside of it.  “You need an Archangel for this one, ” is exactly what I heard.  Once I made the draw, I saw why.

archangels, messages from archangel jeremiel, oracle cards

“All Is Well  ~

Archangel Jeremiel:

‘Everything is happening exactly as it is supposed to, with hidden blessings you will soon understand.’

Additional Messages:

‘Sometimes, what appears to be a problem is actually an answered prayer in disguise.  When we ask for help, Heaven may dismantle the old to make room for the new.

During this time of change, practice relaxation methods such as yoga, deep breathing, exercise, and meditation.  Ask me to make your transition smooth and harmonious for everyone involved.  And know that this change is for the better!’

Working with Archangel Jeremiel:

Each archangel has a specific aura color.  Jeremiel’s is deep eggplant purple.  When you see sparkles of dark purple light, this is one way to know that Jeremiel is with you.

Each archangel has a particular type of crystal aligned to their energy, and for Jeremiel, that crystal is amethyst.  When you wear an amethyst you may feel even closer to Jeremiel’s kind and loving energy.”

Today’s Deck:

Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Tonight’s Kitchen Adventure:

only involves me at the beginning and end, no where near the hard part in the middle.

             These were my idea.  So Daniel is making me apple fritters while I work tonight.  HERE is the recipe he’s (mostly) using.  We’ll be leaving out the beer and peanut-butter, as per my request.

              (It’s a bigger deal than you realize, he doesn’t eat cooked apples, or  anything even vaguely apple-pie-esque.)

2 thoughts on “Not Nearly As Much

  1. Fritter update:

    the caramel sauce (sans peanut butter) was the most perfect sweet thing I’ve maybe ever eaten. And you know, I’ve eaten me some sweet things!

  2. That recipe sounds yummy. But I’m already baking myself in place today. Like it or not I’m going to have to turn on the air conditioner. One sinus headache coming up. blerg.

    I may have to console myself with a spoonful of brown sugar out of the bag. 😀

    We must do
    what we must do……

    2:26 a.m.

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