When we are surrounded by Retrogrades, a plethora of them, as we are now, it’s a good time to look within.   The message that came to me this morning likened it to a spiritual (emotional) hibernation period.

             As in, we quiet our busy-ness from the inside out.  Sure, we continue to get our essential tasks done every day, but we also need to honour our pull away from/towards these planets.  We DO cycle with the moon and the other orbiting bodies, so when we slap those connections aside, as if they don’t mean anything, we’re doing ourselves a sad and pointless disservice.

             All of those previous suggestions, leading up to this one, now make sense.

Mystery Solved

             Our lessons are not strange or confusing when we know what’s up.  Now is the time for us to seek the answers that we already have inside.  There isn’t a battle if we don’t engage.  Likewise, if we decide to engage lovingly, we are disarming our opponent.  (Even if we don’t know WHO or WHAT our opponent might be.)

             Interestingly, on our card altar earlier, I was directed to leave the regular rotation, which brought us to this message of potential struggle.  So maybe, an answer (solution) can be found in this draw.

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“Angel of Expression  ~

‘Speak your truth and express yourself clearly.’

There is something you are not expressing, because you fear hurting someone you love or care for.

The Angel of Expression has shown up in your reading today to encourage you to speak your truth and express yourself clearly.  Know that the truth, when spoken honestly, clearly, and with love, will never truly hurt anyone.

Lack of self-expression is soul-destroying for all concerned and prevents life’s natural flow.  The Angel of Expression understands your fears regarding this issue and is here to help you through this difficult time.  Allow her to help you find the courage to face this issue clearly.  

By expressing yourself honestly and clearly, this situation will heal in accordance with the highest good of all concerned.  Yet do not try to predetermine or control the outcome.  

Trust – for the power that made you both, will heal you both.”

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

FLP Report:

Wisconsin, Michigan, Alaska (3 in 1 day, another the next), Missouri (2), Mississippi, whoever has palm tress/palmettos, New York, a regular Montana, Virginia (a rerun?), some different type of Texas, Alabama, and one from Canada.  (Can you tell we’ve been all over town the past few days?)

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  1. As ever, the message is right on the button. Oy. Let’s hope I can do this with love and kindness!

    I have complete faith in you, as always.

    10:01 p.m.

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