We’ve spoken previously about past lives, and how those memories influence us in this one.  The message for today (although received in emotions, not words), is about listening more deeply to our clues.

             The example I was directed to give is: home decor.  Why are we drawn in by a seemingly random piece of art or fabric pattern?  What is it about certain items that catch our eye?  Easy, they are bits of recall.

             (As well as/instead of/in connection to, genetic reverberations from our ancestors.  But those are other topics, for another day.)

             We need to take a quiet moment the next time something draws our attention or we feel compelled to place a particularly special and attractive (to us) piece in our house, vehicle*, or office.

*What?  You don’t decorate your car?  I used to.

             All of this is also very much what our daily draw is telling us.  (Side personal note, I can’t even describe how VERY VERY much I adore this image.)

self-care messages of action

“Action  ~

Take action.

The journey to find your lost self begins with one step.”

             We can use today’s wonderful illustration to help focus the point.  By seeing ourselves traveling up (or down) this dramatic staircase  we can tune in to where (and when) will be the most beneficial.

             As long as we are actively involved, then we’re doing the work and getting results.

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Sharing:

is THIS MAP of where we went today.  Daniel’s phone has finally been updated, and is now equipped with a functioning battery.  So, even though our life has no numbers.  Mostly.  We can still enjoy the route.  (And yes, I certainly AM very tired.)

3 thoughts on “A Doing Day

  1. I really like the illustration of the card, but the quoted message is terrible, IMO. It’s actually offensive to me that Cheryl has decided there’s some “lost self” of mine wandering around, needing to be “found.” I mean, I get what she’s trying to get at, but that’s some awfully disempowering wording! I’m sorry, Cheryl, I may not remember the full truth of my power & Divinity, but I’m all right here, and my path may be leading me to remember more all the time, but that certainly doesn’t mean I (or even any part of me) was at any point ever “lost”!

    Sorry for the rant, that just really rubbed me the wrong way (obviously!). Letting it go now. Deep breaths… and gone.

    My hope is that she sees this, and understands.

    12:31 a.m.

  2. That was a long ride…they pop up on my smartypants phone as they come in, and I saw that 13 miles got ridden. Beautiful day for it.

    Interesting take on art work, one that I hadn’t thought of. I do know that certain things really resonate at a deep level, and this makes a boatload of sense.

    Wow, I had no idea anyone could get in-progress reports!

    4:09 a.m.

  3. The out-of-doors, plants, animals, etc… always call to me. As do old houses with lots of rooms and cubbies.

    I like the picture on the card. The crumbly bits around the staircase with the forest growing close reminds me of old left behind remains of inhabited places. When I’m driving places, like our trip moving Saver in days past, I see left over house foundations or possibly bridge remnants out in the middle of nowhere and I want to know who lived there and who/what else was there and where they went. Perhaps I was an archaeologist in another life!

    I always want to know those stories, too!

    4:13 a.m.

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