One of the key components to us getting all of these messages about Healing and Retreat, is that we probably don’t spend enough time being silent.  Because really, unless we actually ARE on a true retreat (like to a monastery), we absolutely DON’T spend enough time being silent.

             And by “silent,” the Universe means, in prayer, or meditation, or simply unplugged.  As in, sitting still, being calm, and going inside.  Taking those Quick Three Minutes, and merely being.

             I heard one single word this morning.  And I heard it loudly.  With bells on.  (Or, bowls.  In this case.)


             What is the image of this message?  Well, the ones that I was shown were actually like small scenes of perfection.  A Pinterest view of the mind.  Snapshots of idyllic right now.

              The images were less important than the emotion.  Paradise can take the shape of wherever we love the most.  Or WHENever, even.  It’s all about the feeling.

             As I stood before our card altar, the direction was definitely for us to return to that regular rotation, picking up where we left off last time.  And then, seeing the daily draw, I knew precisely why.

"The Creator"
The Creator

             Or, is it really, All of Creation?  Is our Divine Source of All a person?  No, we can all agree on that.  So, we’re not going to go with the guidebook on this one, we’re leaving that behind and blending the glowing center of this illustration with what I was told.

             We are all part of Life.  Without gender, without heritage, without body, without any physical aspect of any type.  When we sit quietly and allow our mind to wander freely, whether attempting a blank-canvas approach or utilizing well-documented words, we are communing with that golden light.  That eternal presence which is all Love, all the time.

             Personally, (since I can’t get to the beach) I like to take my quiet moments on a our guest bed.  In a silent room, sprawled across the entire mattress.  With, or without, my CDs, it’s the way to my own serene place.  My inner universe which gives me access to All.

             Our recommendation right now is to not wait any longer.  Go.  Grab your moment.  Take it at the first opportunity.  And if you can’t get a hold of some Contemplation in your own current location, come by here.  I’ll loan you my spot.

Today’s Deck:

Osho Zen Tarot

(with message channeled through me)


you can look back through any of the past posts with tags about guided meditation to find all of my favorites, or shoot me an e-mail and I’ll try to gather a list of CDs that I like the best.

Today’s Sharing:

is this view I just put up on Instagram.

GrandDog in my lap.
GrandDog in my lap.

             It’s a Maxx sleep-over weekend.  If you need us, we’ll be in the guest room……



3 thoughts on “Our Sacred Within

  1. Awwww. Sweet Maxx. We walked our puppy to a nearby ice cream place last night and fed him a bunch from our cones and cups. Bitter sweet. We’re taking Saver to Philly tomorrow and we don’t know, of course, how much longer Jake will be with us. He has outlived all predictions and he’s relatively ‘normal’ and happy, so we have been blessed. We sat and discussed how we wish he would just go in his sleep or have a heart attack so he suffers as little as possible. Cheerful ice cream chatter, right?

    And your comment about the beach made me look up how far from the beach Saver would be. 1 hourish. Mom’s jealous! And Saver, of course, was very smug at me. Bratty kids!

    I am 80 minutes from the beach….

    12:05 a.m.

  2. You probably already knew this, but it was news to me. There is a BUS that runs from Eugene to Florence. I was checking the route so next time I come to Eugene we can go to the beach–although in that case I’d have my car with me so we could just drive. Unfortunately at this point it’s not happening anytime soon. I’m off to contemplate, thanks for the nudge.

    I don’t think I did know there was a bus!

    12:07 a.m.

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